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  1. Would it do me any good to swap out my 76' 280 stock injectors with a later model 280zx turbo injectors. Would this screw up my air fuel mixture? Too much fuel?
  2. The car in question is a 76' 280z I have four sensers/switches on my thermostat housing . 1 is a thermotime switch. One is a temperature sensor. one is the water temperature switch. and I am not sure what the third is. I downloaded the EFI theory and trouble shooting file yesterday and I have been going through it step by step to find the gremlin in my system but no luck yet. The file does not say exactly what the temp switch does exactly. Please see my other post if you think you can lend a hand http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11361 Thanks everyone for your help.
  3. Can anyone tell me what the purpose of the "water temp switch" does? The water temp switch that threads into the thrmostat housing. See picture attached of switch, it is the switch on the top right in the pic.
  4. I am leaking a lot of colant from by headgasket, Could this be caused by a warped head, or blown head gasket?
  5. I completely replaced the distributor with a new rebuilt one. I also put on new cap and rotor.
  6. Update, Checked the throttle position switchwith a multi meter, I believe that it is working properly. I cleaned all of the contacts, male and female connections, no change. I replaced the fuel pump tonight hoping that this would make a difference. No change. I have waited to try the timing until last because I will need some help with that. I am also going to check my conpression tomorrow. My head gasket is leaking but it is hard to tell if this is enough to cause me to lose compression. thanks again everyone for the help so far. http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=8954&password=&sort=7&thecat=500
  7. What size and brand wheels? They look great
  8. Could it be this part? the part in the picture (top right) part that screws into the thermostat housing? What is this part called? I need a new one even if this is not the problem. Why have I not seen these on other 280's?
  9. I am unbelievably frustrated and I want to kick the dog.....But I won't. I have had the z in storage for several years, (college= 6years). I have not started it in about two years. I did the following and it is now running. 1.Remove and replace all fuel 2.New fuel filter 3. Remove all injectors and clean, all squirt well 4. New battery 5. new thermostat..... while replacing stripped housing, replaced thermostat housing. new one is different My original one (1976) has three "probes" that enter into the side of the housing, the new one has only two. The two that are currently connected connect with the standard nissan 2prong boot just like the fuel injectors, the third has only a one wire bullet connection. 6. New air filter 7. checked most of the vacccum lines. 8. New rebuilt distrubitor, cap and rotor The car idles fine, revs fine all of the time, and accelerates fine when cold. When warm it idles fine, and revs fine with no load. But when am driving it after about 5-10 minutes and I step on the gas and accelerate hard the car will suddenly die and almost instantly comes back to life, jerking the car forward. It does no matter what gear. I dont know what else to do I am totaly stumped. Please help. :stupid:
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