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  1. "Great! All we need now is to figure how to get rid of the carbon cannister without (too much) fumes." I got rid of mine, i just ran the vent line over near the air-intake so it sucks in the fumes there.
  2. Have to push it a little firmer then before so i suspect it is hitting but not enough to stop it from closing properly.
  3. naw, i just haven't drilled the other bolt hole where i want it, it will have 2 bolts though
  4. So if A is well bolted down (i have spacers under C) and B is a fairly stiff/thick bar and D has no play (ie close tolerances around the bolt) and is real tight, where would most of the flex happen?
  5. its no big deal, you just have to buy FI fuel hose at $5 a foot and replace it just like it looks, make sure you have FI hose clamps too, not regular ones.
  6. well if you take the bumper off there is a screw there to release the pressure, mine was all rusted so i just drilled through it.
  7. Well i cranked down on all the nuts, its pretty tight and seems to be fairly rigid, bet its worth all of $23!
  8. Well it was this or take em off....and the shocks action won't do diddly in a high speed rear ending, it was only in the Fed 5 mph crash test that it was useful, and i don't back into stuff.
  9. Also got my strut cross bar on, ebay about $23 delv, its for a honda civic
  10. .......on my '77, think it looks alot better and still gives more protection then no bumper.
  11. wolf66

    help ?

    Older engines w/ crud built up in them are not good canidates for Snyth oil, it is VERY detergent and will knock all that crud off, maybe plugging a oil galley. (unless it has always had Snyth or was just rebuilt and is clean inside) 10/30w is good though. The manual tranny's take a GL-4 gear oil, NOT a GL-5 which is designed for rear ends. (you will need some GL-5 for the rear end though..)
  12. Yeah the post was more for people who want a cheap way to lower their car by changing tires sizes.
  13. Yeah but the Z was the cheapest by thousands of dollars and still spanks em. What was Porshe thinking putting out a sub 100 Hp car anyway? Was the 914-6 avail that year and what did it cost?
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