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  1. You can do it with the head on. you put some cotton rope in the spark plug hole and just bar the piston up that will hold the valves in place
  2. The new cam was bought from MSA as a kit which includes followers,lash pads and springs. I assume heavier springs for the higher lift cam
  3. Santa brought me a stage II cam to go with my triple webers (already installed) Just wondering if anyone in the eastern Washington area has a valve spring compression tool I could borrow or rent before I have to lay out more $$$ for somthing I will probable use 1 time.
  4. Just installed the MSA kit last weekend, the boot is the toughest part, but very doable by just removing the console.
  5. My dad would not let me buy a used car. (something about buying someone else's problem) and it was the only new car I could afford.
  6. My first car was 65 pontiac catalina convertible fire engine red. Bought it from my dad for $600 beat the hell out it for a year and the traded it in on my first new car, a 71 pinto. Talk about being 17 and stupid!!!! It was even that ugly baby crap yellow color.
  7. About 1,000 off of anything I've seen on this thread 73 240Z HLS30163224 triple webers urethane bushings header restored
  8. Took 2 months of tuning and re-jetting but now runs great
  9. Took 2 months of tuning and re-jetting but now runs great
  10. I have installed triple webers and am looking for ideas as to what to do with the crankcase breather? No room to plumb to air cleaners. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. I'd like to know more about the carbs? Did you run these? If so with what engine mods? What kind of jetting ? Are there any pics available? Thanks
  12. bluezcowboy

    My 73

    Ground up restoration
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