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  1. Kozby1976


    {ppcode}at Nashville you said you would NEVER do a Z event again....whats with the Daytona wire wheels????
  2. I guess I don't understand from the Cleveland convention that there were several cars that should have been Gold Cup and Gold Medalion(I know I spelled that wrong) and not one car got it...this coming from a club that has several cars from other conventions that recieved these awards...there were cars there that I as well as several others that have been to conventions that couldn't believe that the cars presented didn't win the trophy....the judging was kinda weird with alot of people of what was deducted from one car wasn't done for others with the same dirt as on the green Z that I commented from...this happens at all the conventions that I have been to in the past...personal experience, at the Tulsa convention, my judging sheets showed that when they judged my interior they noted that my drivers seat had a puncture in the material...deducted points for it...it would have been fine except it was the judge who sat in my car with a open pen that produced the hole in my seat...In Daytona i had to stop a judge that was smoking from stop smoking and dropping ash into the interior of a Z he was judging. I know that its about the cars...but also people like myself and some of my fellow Z friends spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on our Z's to get the top honors for our work only to be squashed by a judge that was more or less consistant with their viewpoint of what your car is and if they like you or what you may have done to your car...Like with Al's car or even Laverne's car...come'on you're telling me that there is no car from cleveland that should have recieved the Gold Cup award???? How is that even possible???... anyway, this is just my .02 on the subject...wait till you see what I'm currently doing to my 76 babyblue 2+2...all I'm going to say is that my new class is ULTRA modified, and its not chevy powered...Zya all at the next convention!!!
  3. sad thing is some of the cars got judged for dirt and such on the under carriage and others didn't...its one of the main problems with volunteer judging...inconsistant judging will and favoritism on friends cars, the only way to truely judge these cars or any is outside judges that don't have cars in the show., or a panel selected from the ZCCA to judge at every convention.
  4. good for you and I'm not disputing that...i like the cleveland club too...it was the main reason i came to the convention...for the friends I have in all the clubs, and to see the cars...I don't care what they are because I like most cars...
  5. "Why bother calling it a "Z Club" if you have Infinity cars in the club?" because the majority of the cars in ChicagoZ are Z cars...and the G35- G37's are made by NISSAN(if you don't believe me open the hood and look for yourself)... I could care less if you like it or not...we do have more than 400 cars in the club and it grows everyday bigger and stronger each day...when your "Z" club meets how many cars show up?? we get on average 60-70 cars weekend after weekend after weekend all spring, summer and fall long...
  6. In 2002 when the first 350z's came into the USA...ChicagoZ started as a free forum of Z owners and G owners started coming in from other sites looking for a place to call home, most of them owned a Z or 2 in their life and we are a very accepting group of car lovers. WCZC didn't want anything to do with a forum, they had nobody to help run one let alone set it up...so the ChicagoZ forum grew to over 400 cars and WCZC has had its fair share of problems and people that didn't accept anything but a Z so it stopped growing when the Z went out of production in 1996...To tell the owners of the G's and the old roadsters(1600-2000) and the 510's you can't be involved in a Z club because you don't own a Z is wrong from even stating it....the G and Z come off the same assembly lines...the G is the 2+2 Z in most of our eyes...I personally have been searching for other Datsun owners to bring them into an accepting club for cars and people who are like minded...as far as what will ChicagoZ do for paying the ZCCA dues and fees...we already have formed a premier section to help cover those dues... " And I was a 350Z owner first so it is not that I am die hard old schooler and want to keep non Z's, I believe that a Z club should be for Z's, if the ZCCA decides to start including non Z's in the mix that is when my club leaves the ZCCA." well then good luck with your car club then...open up your mind, take a look around and tell me how you can be such a closed minded person with a car that is only a little more luxury than the Z...share the same company name, built on the same assembly line and still same its not the same...I've seen G's with Nissan and Z emblems...most of the ones in the ChicagoZ are heavily modified
  7. the Windy City Z Club...is dying on the vine...sad to say but its always the same people that do anything if at all and the ChicagoZ started as a forum of friends with Z's and G's that wanted something more than 1 or 2 events a month and a magazine...At chicagoZ we do events every week and weekend...there is always something to do and we are a bunch of car nuts that love our cars...little to no drama, modifying the Z and G like no other club I've ever seen...I was told by the officers of the ZCCA to see if I could form this new club into the ZCCA to get chicago the convention...
  8. yes www.windycityzclub.com and www.chicagoZ.com
  9. Thanks guys!! really going thru Z withdrawl at this point...I hate winter...looking forward to TX and ZDAYZ as well as a host of other Z shows...I've been working on ChicagoZ.com on becoming a new Z club to be in the ZCCA so we can host the Z Car Convention in Chicagoland for possibly 2010(along with WCZC)... ChicagoZ has about 400 Z's and G's in theclub, last years season opener brought over 125 cars into what turned into a car show, most of the cars are 350z's, G35-37's, Z32's and slowly but surely 1st generation Z's are growing into the forum... www.chicagoz.com is the site, joining is free...just introduce yourself. We will have an 18 month Z Calender available this spring...
  10. I'm bringing 2 cars again...the 70 240z is receiving a cosmetic restoration, keeping it stock looking, I purchased a blue NOS interior for it and have a set of period correct 6 hole dished Shelby slot wheels and spook spoiler for the front and my 76 babyblue 2+2 may be pushed into Nissan Ultra Mod class with a surprise that is being tucked into the engine bay...I will be registered soon for TX...
  11. the main problem is that not all the judges were on the same page...most of them were judging the cars as if we actually had 2 full days of detailing with great weather...when I originally talked to some of the Cleveland people they told me we would be setting up the day before, security would be present and they would have carnival rides and everything was set in stone 6-8 months in advance...well it was fun anyway, I won a bunch of parts and other raffle prizes...by the time I totalled up my expenses it wasn't much cheaper than Daytona...speaking of Daytona...I had alot more time detailling my Z, I even took the wheels off to really get into the whole detail thing...Cleveland didn't give us that amount of time to give people a chance to get all the road debris off of their cars and to deduct points for that against a car that was detailed and stuck into a trailer...brought to the show and after the show put back into the trailer and trailered home just isn't fair...oh well still had lots of fun and will be going to other conventions as long as I live and drive Z cars!!!!
  12. I don't think they should've been so picky about rims and under the hood...it rained on the way to the show spot and rained earlier...all the detailing that was done on monday got washed away and there wasn't enuf time to give it a detail with a Q-tip at the show, why we couldn't set up and detail at the fairgrounds the day before made me wonder how we were going to get fair judging for this convention. When I do HIN events or World of Wheels events they at least give us the day before at the venue to detail the cars for showing...oh well still had fun and now I own a really nice 70 240z as well... looking forward to going to San Antonio for 2009...Zya all there again hopefully!!!
  13. I actually got a trophy in the mail...it was for 1st place Nissan Modified 1st generation 280z...it came in the mail in December 2008, however no judging sheets...yet
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