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  1. I copied your comments from one of your previous posts, just to show who I got the info from, hope you don't mind? Are you able to answer my suspension and gas tank question?
  2. To All, I have been able to answer my own questions with a little more digging on the forums. It seems I do have an EARLY 260(see thread below), but I still need to know about the suspension and gas tank please! The late model has the 280 bumpers, grille, taillights etc. They were made late for 9/74-11/74 with VINs from RLS30 060001-200000 for the 2 seaters and GRLS30 015001-060000 for the 2+2. The early model has the 73 240 bumpers and was made 8/73-8/74 VINS RLS30 000001-060000, 2 seaters only. As I recently learned, the late models were sold as 74 or 74.5 though some got registered as 75. The reason that would be a problem is with flat top carbs it would be tough to pass smog in states that check 75s because the test would actually be based on the 75 280Z w/fuel injection and other 'upgraded' emissions equipment. The consesnus would probably be that the early model is more collectible since it is the more '240Zish' of the two. __________________ Stephen Blakeney CZCC#3797 IZCC#4601 HVAC/R Tech MVAC Tech Thanks Steve Stockill
  3. I just bought a clean 260 chassis and I plan on swapping ALL the parts from my '72 240 onto the 260 chassis. I've had a few people tell me that almost everything should fit without too much trouble. My concern is they keep saying it would be better if I had an EARLY 260? My door plate shows a date of " /74" that's it! No month? I'm assuming that because it shows /74 that it must be a LATE model 260? Can I get someones help here? My VIN is RLS30-032089. My main concern is fitting ALL the suspension components from my 240 onto the 260 chassis, and also the gas tank. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ALL. Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends:) Steve
  4. Thanks to all who replied, I appreciate the honesty. I'm not to sure about the Yellow myself. The picture did not show the colours exactly as I was hoping. The top and stripe colour is supposed to match the graphite wheels. I'm re-working the graphite to make it lighter and changing the body to orange instead of yellow. I will also be adding the void on the BRE stripes where the "DATSUN" sticker would go. I'll post new pics soon, I have to decide by the end of next week, my car is almost ready for paint.
  5. I'm looking for opinions on my avatar paint job. I love the 2 tone look and I like the BRE stlye stripes. My car is currently yellow. Let me know what you think.
  6. I own a 72 240z with Tokico HP struts & springs and I'm interested in buying the Sport MAX 16 x 8 Wheels now on the Motorsport website (see attached). They are saying they will fit with no mods but several of my fellow Ontario Z Club members say I will need to modify the spring seat and maybe the fenders. Has anyone bought these wheels for a 72', and what was your experience? Thanks
  7. Thanks for all your replies guys. I hope this will help with my engine temp. Last weekend I drove 130 km with no problems. Got home, car was idling for 5 min. & started to steam up!!!!! All the fluids are fine???? I'll try to get my sig improved soon. Just gotta take a few more pictures.
  8. My 1st post. I have a '72 240z with 2.8 bottom & original 2.4 top. Wondering if a ram air setup would help with HP?? If so should I close the warm air intake? Summer driver only. Thanks.
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