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  1. I'm pretty confident the bigger ones will turn out nice. Darensteel.com made these flares for a R33 Skyline. Looked pretty absurd when in place. Bulky as hell, if you would've asked me back then. But once painted, etc - it's totally svung around. Looks sweet!
  2. I now have two choices of flares available. Approx. 60mm and 100mm. Something like that... : ) The mold won't be made from my roof, but that of another Z.
  3. No. I won't even make jokes about that, haha : D More pics of the new cage:
  4. The new chrome moly cage, almost finished.
  5. Flare suggestion from my metal handyman Viktor of www.darensteel.com They're about 60 mm per side - about 2.5 inches. I'll test fit these and see if I want to go wider or if it'll do. Switching to a Skyline or 240sx/200sx rear end is going to add about 40-50 mm per side.
  6. Bored and honed. View from 01:36 to 02:07 for the bore-ing part
  7. That's "just" a original crank (balanced) - the bolts are JUN though : ) I figured stock would cut it since its known to handle up to 1200 horsepower. Oh, you forgot the ACL race series bearings
  8. Anyone fancy part 17? WMV: http://www.voodoo-people.com/~daz/mull/wmv/mull@hugo17.wmv Google-video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8024876117146088705&hl=en
  9. The one pictured in the films? Standox epoxy primer.
  10. Video #16 is out: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8111351628724312740 Medium quality WMV and a high quality divX will follow.
  11. BEHOLD! A rollcage in the making! : D
  12. Thanks! : ) The problem is not the pedals hitting the firewall, but the cylinders. Hopefully it'll fit. Good question. I'm not sure : ) Haven't measured ... Drawings: http://www.tiltonracing.com/pdfs/90.pdf Assembly: http://www.tiltonracing.com/content.php?page=list2&id=8&m=b Did you mean heel-toe-shifting? I'm hoping to learn it - and fit it : ) Just for show: Here's a Tilton setup in a (mad) SAAB 9-3 (750+ bhp AWD) ...
  13. The nice black Tilton pedals say hello to Hugo... : )
  14. Sorry, no new video planned as of now. The next one is probably coming somewhere mid august, or something. Here are my new seats instead ; )
  15. First off, thanks for all the positive feedback - all of you! : ) The dash is currently on hold - chassis is still number one priority. The center console will get it's modifications once I have the dash. Right now pretty much everything is put on hold I'm sorry to say. People helping me are busy, etc. At the end of july/middle of august the car will get its rear custom flares and it'll also be shipped off to have a custom 12 (or more) point roll cage fitted. All in due time ... :classic:
  16. Today I picked up some stuff from sand blasting. Powder coating awaits.
  17. Enjoy | #15 Stream: http://www.voodoo-people.com/~daz/mull/wmv/mull@hugo15.wmv
  18. Despite numerous passes inside the rocker panels using a vaccuum cleaner and compressed air: There was still stuff in there. Not anymore though =) Video should be coming pretty soon. I've been gathering material. Thanks : )
  19. http://www.henkel-lim.se/se/productDetail.php?recid=221 Art. No. 410 Varumärken (brand) PATTEX PLASTIC PADDING IDH 360367 Contact information consumer-ua.norden@henkel.com Tel: 0046 (0)31 750 54 01 Fax: 0046 (0)31 750 54 02 Similar: http://forums.hybridz.org/showpost.php?p=638043&postcount=150
  20. Thanks a million, ZSaint : ) Here's the latest batch of pics, you should like content :
  21. Those front fenders look mighty interesting. Banged up? Straight? Would you mind dropping me a PM with price and estimated shipping (Stockholm, Sweden)? Cheers
  22. Update : ) Sandblasting No.2 is finished. Here he is, the little bugger : ) Battery tray. Loving it! : ) Drivers side whatever-its-called-mount : D Battery tray and firewall - add some compressed air and sand - ét voila! The floors are longing for some epoxy primer : ) Before and after : ) I love Allblästring! Tomorrow it's time for "Hugo" to say hello to some epoxy primer : )
  23. #14 : ) >> http://www.voodoo-people.com/~daz/mull/wmv/mull@hugo14.wmv
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