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  1. We encountered Fuzed clutch plate to flywheel. Dislodged without pulling trans. Master & slave cyl. Injectors. if you’re not otherwise aware behind the seats under the forward carpeting there are two storage boxes where you should find a tire repair jack and tools. My tire jack was MIA but I did find three yellowed scraps of paper with 867-5309 like tel. numbers with out area codes written in woman’s handwriting underneath the center console ash try.
  2. I just joined this community having bought last May a 76 280 that was sitting in a garage for 39 years. Everything worked! Lights, Turn Signal, Hazards, Interior lights, Antenna and engine turned over no problem. It was amazing , original Toyo Z tires. But, it did need a tank cleaning and a heat sensor switch some other minor stuff. But because I didn’t do it my self it was a little spendy. Your Z looks like it’s in great shape and a 240 is the Holy Grail. I hope it’s as resilient as mine in spite of sitting so long. Looks like it is from photo. As a complete novice and kn
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