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  1. Thanks. I was afraid to drill the housing but its clear Nissan knew this sucked so they provided an access hole later. When you plugged the hole, was there a clearance issue inside? Any concern with interfering with the internals?
  2. Thanks everyone...Its clear its patience and persistence. Thanks. Your description is clear. That sounds like the only option short of a special tool. I will persist!
  3. Thanks all. I appreciate the input, but please....tell me how a hammer is going to fit down there. I cannot remove that shaft without removing the striking lever. Catch 22. I ran out of patience searching threads but I will keep trying.
  4. Im rebuilding a 5 speed from a 77 280Z and want to include the seal and o-ring on the striking rod assembly in the tail of the trans. It was clearly a leak. There is no access hole in the side of the case as shown in the service manual. How do I remove this retaining pin on the striking rod? I tried to fabricate a tool out of a small c-clamp but cannot get in there...no room. Has anyone overcome this? I hate to do this complete overhaul without this seal.
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