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  1. Fortunately for me it’s a low mileage car owned by one Nissan service manager until I bought it. Everything is very tidy and un-mollested.
  2. Thanks, that’s it. Now I know how to close it. Hopefully that forces more air through the rest of the vents.
  3. I don’t see anything that looks like it on this diagram. It definitely isn’t one of the numbered items. It is located to the right of the blower housing and a hose in and out. It’s definitely factory, can came with AC from the factory.
  4. I looked in the Owner’s manual and it says nothing about this Push/Pull thing. I assume it’s for the AC or vent system. It sort of a rotary housing with a slider that moves back and forth. Doesn’t seem to have a stop pushing it towards the front of the car. I had the fan blowing and couldn’t tell if it did anything when I moved it. I know someone here know what this thing is and what it’s supposed to do!
  5. Love this 280z. One issue is the blower motor. The original popped the fuse when I set it to “5” I ordered a replacement but it’s a universal fit and is crap. After messing with it, I’ve decided to put the original motor back in and check the amp draw. It may work with better with some use. I liked it so mush, I just picked up this ‘73 240z. A “rust free” running and driving project. I’m shipping it to JDM Legends for their assessment and refresh. I would love a BRE themed 240 with a minimalist interior. We shall see...
  6. JDM Legends replaces all the suspension bushings, re-sealed the engine, drained the fuel tank and replaced the brake master cylinder, rebuilt the brakes. Car has the original exhaust, wiper arms, wheels and hubcaps. Runs great but does suffer heat soak here in sunny Florida. I’ll post up some progress pictures.
  7. I never owned a Datsun, but I’m an old guy that has had dozens of classic cars, foreign and domestic. My brother has a ‘77 Z back in the early 80’s. It was a total rust bucket, fenders flapped in the wind and exhaust poured into the car unless you kept the windows up and the fan on high. I’ve got a Porsche 914 that’s a project but saw an ad for a 280z that I had to check out. Has a crappy picture but says one owner, 60k miles. I go to see the car and I can’t believe my eyes. The car has no rust. The interior is super clean except the drivers seat vinyl. The guy who owned it was the se
  8. Sounds like the solution is popping the hood. I do have the manual, so I’ll check that out as well. Thanks for the quick responses!
  9. New to me ‘75 280z. It has less than 60k miles. It was driven infrequently for the last 15-20 years. Drained the full tank and the gas at the bottom was very old and dark. Car starts fine when it’s cold. Runs well. Idle is the tiniest bit rough but holds. The issue is hot start. It will stutter on cranking and take longer to start. Then it barely runs and sounds like it’s running on less than 6 cylinders. I have to hold down the gas pedal and it will miss and buck for a few seconds. Then it clears up and runs ok. I can drive it normally and it will idle. It has new air and fuel fi
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