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  1. I start it like you. Choke it, hold accelerator down and fire it. But then again, I lived in Ohio before coming to Florida and Texas. I used the choke about half the year!
  2. The guy that did the video for me Manages the facility and deals with over 100 different cars. I am sure there are many where an extra push on the gas pedal helps.
  3. When the car is just started and the choke is still on, it is habit to just give it a little extra gas. Too many different old cars to change habits!
  4. I would say for a 51-year old wrap it looks pretty darn good.
  5. Let me know when you are around and I can meet you there for a tour.
  6. I have the original clamps but did not want to possibly scratch the paint while installing! The steering wheel cover was a factory authorized option in 70 and was installed by the dealer.
  7. The site would not let me put in any words (available on Hemmings Auction) so I did not want to put a number that someone would ask to buy it for (although some have sold for over $200k)!
  8. Thank you. They are not too far off. Realistic reserve for what it is.
  9. https://www.hemmings.com/auction/1970-datsun-240z?utm_medium=Promoted Listing&utm_source=Classifieds&utm_campaign=1970-datsun-240z try this... thanks!
  10. There is a 1970 Datsun 240Z survivor for sale on Hemmings Auctions that went from $0 to $60k in under 24-hours. Can it give the Green Monster a run for the crown??
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