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  1. Just got a reply, the guy in FL sold all of his Z car stuff (he did resto's and had a couple chassis and ton of parts) to someone in Europe! Oh well 798 might be on the continent still...
  2. Thanks for the updates. I may have to chase this one down...doh!
  3. @Carl Beck, I can't find a way to search that far back in eBay, wow great work? Was the second offering you found also on eBay? My son is now interested in Z cars, and I thought it would be really cool if I could find 798, but, with the values as they are, that might be too big a pill to swallow!
  4. Hey all, Been away from Z's for a while, but, have owned 3 in the past. My best (kicking my own arse) "son you won't believe the car I sold" story is my 1970 240z which I owned in the 80's for about 5-6 years. I sold it to support my racing habit. I don't think it went to a good home, so I don't think it may have survived. Anyone know of HLS30-00798? It was white with the blue interior. It was in pretty good shape when she left me. Also had a '73 in orange that I picked up and fixed up/flipped, and a 1978 280 2+2 that my father purchased new. He drove that car into oblivion! He loved it! Anyhow, I will dig up some pics and post them up later.
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