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    Been a Porsche owner for 30+ years and the Z has been in my family for even longer.  Since my Father's death the 240Z has been mine but until now I have not been here or in a position to do anything with it.  Since it has been in California sitting on the driveway for a decade and a half hasn't done it any good but hasn't destroyed it either.  So now it is time to restore it, make it fully mine and make it better than new. Sold as a '73 with build date of 8/72. Finding that the electrics and ventilation are from a '72 rather than a '73. Think I got the leftovers from the previous model year that were laying around factory floor.

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  1. Sorry, I hadn't realized you had a build thread. I was inquiring of qz16 who started this thread and posted the pictures which caused me to have the questions I asked.
  2. P.S. Are the hoses flexible enough to go round at your mod end and oval at the Gen 2 end and did you get them from VintageAir?
  3. Trying to get my bearings as regards your photos. You talk about the cowl....I'm thinking you don't mean the center escutcheon vent which is what I believe your modified piece in the photo butts up against? I just don't remember reading about anything called a 'cowl' so excuse my unfamiliarity. Is that black mesh a filter of some sort?
  4. @qz16 - I am starting down the path of a full ground-up restoration of my '73 (sort of) 240Z. I've removed the dash and can now see the somewhat of a disaster the heater box and the AC system is and will be to restore. I like the compactness of the VintageAir Gen 2 Mini, however, buried in your description is the statement "Also, you need to seal off the cowl vent because there is no provision for the vintage air system to utilize that vent. The only fresh air vent system that you will have will come from the vents on the driver and passenger side which are controlled by individual mechanical cables.". The mini shows 3 oval outlets on the top. The right and left obviously get routed thru hoses to the right and left dash vents but why do you say there is no ability to use that middle vent? The original plastic piece that connects the metal center dash vent housing to the original heater box could be cut at 45 degrees and reglued so the outlet faces downwards at 90 degrees and should be pointing, pretty much, at the middle outlet. I'm making assumptions here based on your photos of the unit's placement as you didn't include any photos of how you connected up the hoses nor did you talk about it other than the above referenced statement. If you didn't make use of that middle dash vent what did you do with that middle port on the Gen 2?
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