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  1. Hello all, I have been reading several old threads on installing the electric fuel pump but I am stump on a few things. To provide you a little background, the previous owner of my 240z had installed a electric fuel pump into the car but did not use the factory wires that were available for use in the installation of a electric fuel pump and I would like to revert it back using these supplied wires that exist in the harness. it appears the previous owner ran his own wire from the fuel pump into this relay. now the reason why I would also like to revert back to using the factory electrical wires that were provide for the electric fuel pump installation is because I plan on upgrading my alternator and using Dave’s alternator adaptor. In the picture above, what could the blue wire that I’m holding be connecting to? Ignition? in regards to using the old factory wires that were provided in the harness for the installation of a electric fuel pump, Where do I connect the green wire to in the “T” connector in the center console for the electric fuel pump? In the picture provided below, does this wire connect into the new relay I plan to use for the electric fuel pump ? If so, my question is where Does the green wire in behind the center console in the “T” connector connect to? I hope my description makes sense, please let me know if not, and I can take more photos.
  2. Mine is a 1970, I appreciate the help I actually just bought a new set from a seller for 150 dollars. I should’ve waited..
  3. Hello, so I was cleaning my turn signal switch and happen to break the circuit board as I was trying to pry it open to clean the contacts. is there any way I can repair this? Any type of conductive adhesive I can apply? What type of services could be able to restore this piece? I would gladly buy this piece as well if anyone is selling it! I have attached a few photos here as well. Thanks!
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