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  1. Quick question as I've been reading a few threads. How is overcharging caused? What is the best way to determine or find what's causing the overcharge? I believe the reason why my previous new alternator died may be because of overcharging, because when I first installed the new alternator, my amp meter in the car was not in between -60 , +60, it was leaning heavily to the +60 side.
  2. Thank you guys! I appreciate the quick responses!
  3. With a fully recharged battery sitting at 12v, I checked voltage on the cyan colored (Sense wire) and it reads 12v and the purple colored ( L lamp signal wire) reading 11.50v with the key turned to "ON". I've also changed the internal regulator adapter, which I have two of as well. Could it be that my new alternator is bad thus it isn't charging? Thanks
  4. Yup, the external regulator is unplugged. With a fully recharged battery reading at 12v, I measured the voltage output while the car is running at the alternator (red wire) and got a reading of 12v. I also measured the voltage while the car was running at my green wire (sense wire) and it also reads 12v. Would the culprit be that my new alternator is out?
  5. When I first installed the new 80amp alternator, it appears that it was charging the battery while running, posting 14v plus while running, but now it is not charging the battery anymore only posting 11v if at full charge and will gradually settle or die if the car continues to run. The battery dies within a few days. This is a agm battery and only 1 year old. could my alternator be faulty?
  6. Seeking some advice, I decided to upgrade my stock alternator with a 80amp alternator from zcardepot. I also installed the internal regulator adapter as well and have that plugged in. I currently have the large white/red wire coming from the starter to the B terminal on the alternator. I have the white/black stripe wire (L lamp signal) plugged into the ignition key pictured below in the diagram ( which is the pink wire in my picture below) And I have the yellow wire (sense signal) which is the green wire in my photo plugged into to the 12v post in the picture diagram below.
  7. Hello all, I have been reading several old threads on installing the electric fuel pump but I am stump on a few things. To provide you a little background, the previous owner of my 240z had installed a electric fuel pump into the car but did not use the factory wires that were available for use in the installation of a electric fuel pump and I would like to revert it back using these supplied wires that exist in the harness. it appears the previous owner ran his own wire from the fuel pump into this relay. now the reason why I would also like to revert b
  8. Mine is a 1970, I appreciate the help I actually just bought a new set from a seller for 150 dollars. I should’ve waited..
  9. Hello, so I was cleaning my turn signal switch and happen to break the circuit board as I was trying to pry it open to clean the contacts. is there any way I can repair this? Any type of conductive adhesive I can apply? What type of services could be able to restore this piece? I would gladly buy this piece as well if anyone is selling it! I have attached a few photos here as well. Thanks!
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