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  1. I laugh because I had initially thought it was to cover rust....I am even happier now! LOL. Thanks for the replies and solving the mystery. Had I not bought a second one I would have never thought to ask the question. See, it makes sense to own more than one Z. I am going to tell my wife the benefit of more than one Z car....she will be so happy....NOT.
  2. Good question...rear portion of the wheel well outer in front of gas tank area. I will check to see if the fuel pump is located there. Maybe that is the reason....
  3. I own 2 Z's, both purchased recently, so I am yet to be an expert. On the rear lower outer wheel well on both cars there is a screwed on panel that I think is in front of the gas tank (in other words the lower portion of the outer wheel well both have a panel that is put in place with screws). Coincidence? When I bought my first one, I thought it was to cover some rusted area but now I am thinking it is by design from new.....thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for all the help (gas Gauge)...I will try and tackle it in a week or so. I am still getting over the rust in the frame rails....the rest of the car is rock solid with no rust showing anywhere else - it was undercoated and that is why it rusted in the spot it did - about last three inches of rails...not actually that bad.... I bought it to drive...so I will just enjoy pretty much as is and slowly replace stuff over time....
  5. Oh...and the gas gauge does not work...I will try messing with the connections at the tank but if that does not work any suggestions? I hear it is an issue with these cars.
  6. There she be in all her glory! Anybody that has a 1971 radio OR radio face plate please let me know.
  7. I own a few (OK more than a few) older muscle cars but always loved the Z - so I just bought a 1971 Z sight unseen and had it delivered this morning. Ya, not a good idea to buy a car without looking at it, especially an early Datsun but I took a chance. Other than leaking gas from the gas line it ran not bad - oh and the turn signal is totally pooched (already ordered a new one, as he told me about it). The one issue it does have is some minor perforations in one - possibly both rear frame rails of the car. Have most people just replaced the whole rail or can you pretty easily cut out the small section and replace the metal? Seems to be isolated in one area right towards the rear portion of the rail and the rest of the rail is totally solid. The car was from Arizona and other than one other small patch in the floorboards in front of the wheel well on passenger side the car is crazy clean of rust. The wheel wells - both outer and inner, rockers, rear valance and floor all completely original metal with no repairs or rust. Car was parked since 1987. Pictures below. Paint is worse than it looks. lots of patina and orange peel - plan to leave it as is cause I love the originality of it. Anybody have a general idea of rough values on series 2 driver condition Z's? The prices are all over the map...had a hard time assessing what they are worth in driver condition - a few on BAT looked really nice and sold for low 20's. My dash is cracked - like most, as it was from Arizona. Lastly, me head hits the damn roof...I am 6 2. Leg room good. Roof room sucks!
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