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  1. You may be right since it has the "columns" cut into the pile. I just meant mine weren't leather, which I think was the other option for 1983. I'll look for your restoration! Thx!
  2. Thanks! If the seat cushions aren't deteriorated too badly from time or heat then I definitely have interest. Let me know your thoughts on their condition and what you'd like for them pricewise. Thanks!
  3. Anyone know where I can get replacement cushions for my 83 NA 2+2? None of the regular Z car part suppliers seem to have them. Nissan dealer is worthless on older cars. Tried to contact Nissan about the now defunct Vintage Restoration Program with no luck.Took the car to our best local auto upholstery place and they indicated that it would be difficult (if not impossible) to shape new cushions in the correct shape because the stock ones have bands built-in to make them hold their shape. My covers are in good condition - just need the pads underneath. My car has the velour upholstery if that makes any difference, and I probably only need the front seats since no one would ever ride in the rear. Any help appreciated!