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  1. Thank you YZFMax, I will check them out.
  2. Namerow thank you for pointing me in the direction of Banzai Motorsports. I talked to Mike and those door panel skins are not available now but may become available at some point several months down the road. I am going to check back in with him (per his suggestion) in a month.
  3. After being absent for many years, I am rejoining the Z community. I had some work issues and then some serious health issues that halted my progress on getting my 70 240 back in shape. Before I parked it, I had the mechanicals in pretty good shape and was getting ready to start on the interior. My Z has the Racing Green exterior with the butterscotch interior. A previous owner had the door panels and seats reupholsted in a tan\cloth combo that may have looked good at the time, but (no surprise) it did not wear very well and I would like to go back to the butterscotch door panels and seats covers. I have had good luck with sourcing everything but the door panels. Seems no one has the butterscotch door panels in stock. My existing door panels are likely not salvagable, I could buy some new black panels and new butterscotch skins, and have the black vinyl removed and replaced with the butterscotch skins, but then I still need a chrome strip. Is it possible to salvage the chrome strip from the black vinyl? This seems like it would be expensive. Any thoughts on where I can source some butterscotch door panels? Thanks