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    Bought my 1978 280Z from the original owner. It has been sitting in a garage for the last 5-6 years of its life. Time to get her road worthy again.

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  1. Adding a couple photos of the engine bay and the wheel condition, for those interested.
  2. Thank you for this info! I will make it my project this weekend since I will be finishing up my rough sanding this weekend too. Thank you for the photo! It helps a ton.
  3. Excellent info and a great read. I will clean and polish those wheels to really see what kind of condition they are in. I can't find anything online to see what kind of value they have. I can't really seem to find any for sale.
  4. I will get some photos of the engine bay and suspension and post it up this week. I have ordered some leather seat covers from I have all of the parts to replace the carpet, gaskets, weather stripping, and various other odds and ends. I don't know how much paint color will affect the value. That is a question I have tried to search on a few times. My thought process is that if I was doing a 100% original restore, it would make sense to keep the color original too. But little things detract from the originality, such as, after market antenna (original one broke), honda windshield wiper motor, aftermarket seat covers, the engine is a reman that was put in in 2007, the dash is destroyed by the sun (planning to attempt a restore on that, if not, I will replace). It also has the dealer installed sunroof, which can be a detraction for collectors, from what I have been reading. I am interested in the community's thoughts on it the paint color dilemma. I have seen that the wheels and caps are fairly rare, so I will probably keep those on. The caps are off in the photos I posted. Good point, any tips on a clean removal would be welcome! Thanks guys!
  5. I have been using this site as a resource for a few weeks now, I figure I would introduce myself. I just picked up this 1978 280Z from the original owner. I have ALL of the original paperwork that went with the car when it was new. He let his grandson borrow it for a few years back in 2006 and he trashed it. The owner started a restoration on it and lost interest so he sold it to me with all of the new parts and pieces to finish the job. It had sat for about 5 years with bad gas. I had the gas tank washed and replaced the injectors and fuel filter. After that and a minor tune up, she is running like new! The sanding was about 75% complete so I just started to finish that today. I am filling the small holes used to mount the dealer installed siding. I am still on the fence whether or not to paint it the original color (306 Silver) or do a custom color. Only other modification I want to do it a 240Z bumper conversion but I will keep the original parts. So far all of my questions have been answered by other threads. Can't wait til she is ready to cruise!