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  1. A11-618-427 is the computer replacement that fixed the over fueling problem ?
  2. Huh, so It might have already had the wrong computer. Interesting...
  3. Thank you my good sir. I appreciate it. ?
  4. So I believe the ECU on my 1980 280zx went bad, so I ordered a new one off of ebay to test it. But there was a problem: they sent me one for an for a 1981 280zx. I was going to send it back, but before I did that I thought I'd ask; would it work on my car? I did some research online and found that it should, but I didn't get anything definite. Does anyone know if the one year difference in the make of the ECU will affect that car? The plugin looks the same if that makes any difference. The part number I got was A11-618-427. I believe the part number I need A11-604-420
  5. I replaced the injectors and the cold start valve. So I'm guessing it probably the computer then?
  6. I've had it for about a year
  7. I have a 1980 280zx and it when I put the key in to on position, the fuel pump turns on and floods the engine with gas, causing the engine to lock in place. Any idea of what might be causing that?
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