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  1. Manual control valve is ok , checked Governor valve - I only checked downshift solenoid and vacuum modulator and they are ok although solenoid has has nothing to do with it . I cannot check anything inside the gearbox as it is now installed on the vehicle. Do you know how to check governor valve ? New oil is in the system , and sufficient amount , there is no leakage Transmission air check - I only checked vacuum that goes from engine and it is ok Band brake is inside gearbox and cannot check If you have any suggestion what I can do while the gearbox is assembled and on the car let me know !
  2. I tried to check everything I can while the transmission is on the car !
  3. When I detach vacuum line from modulator then I cannot shift even to the third gear and when I attach it it shifts to third gear and skips the second one ! it leads me to the conclusion that it works ! Or could I be wrong ? Downshift solenoid is working as it clicks when I connect it to battery but its role seems to be just to shift to lower gear when pressing full throttle !
  4. Thank you so much ! It is very kind of you ! I sent you pm
  5. Thank you for the FSM ! If there is anyone who experienced the same issue , please chime in as any practical advice is welcome !
  6. Hello, I have 240z with 3 speed automatic transmission and I cannot get it into the second gear, it skips the second gear and when it reaches speed for the third gear engages the third gear ! I decided to buy the overhaul kit and replaced all clutches and everything but still the same problem persists ! Maybe the problem could be with shift solenoid, there is one electrical solenoid and next to it is the vacuum one. If I get vacuum off it it loses the third gear and there is no electricity on the electrical solenoid when I measure it ! Should there be 12 volts on it when I start the engine Has anybody had issues with the second gear not engaging ? I am from Bosnia and there are no parts or any of these vehicles
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