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  1. Yeah, definitely is pretty tight in there lmao. Had to dent the wheel well with a mallet just to make more room...🤣
  2. Thanks! And that's awesome! Always love seeing a good ITB build! :)
  3. Totally respect that! Honestly, I have lots of problems with instagram as a platform, and have been considering a youtube channel for a while now. I'll keep this page updated for whenever I make one!
  4. Hello, I am a first time car builder, and I decided to get right into it with an RB25DET swapped 77 280z. I've been working on it for a little over a year and a half now, and although it still needs some work, it runs and drives now 🙂 . There's lots more pictures and videos on the cars instagram @louis_280z, and please don't hesitate to ask questions about how I completed this swap! There's lots of problems that you may not even be thinking of before getting into this job that you'll run into, and I'm more than happy to share my solutions!
  5. Hi, I am new to this site and am looking for some help.  I am taking  my 72 240z out of winter storage and I know it will not start since I have probably lost the prime in the mechanical fule pump. Instead of having it sent to a repair shop to prime the fuel pump, I was wondering if anyone can ex[plain to me how I can do it myself and save the expense and hassle?



    1. MarkyR



      you may want to check this thread out 

      or look through the mechanical fuel pump threads on this site that go through the details of filling the bowls, using carb cleaner, or even blowing into the fuel lines.  Let me know if this doesn't solve your problem  

  6. Ah ok, makes sense. Thank you for clearing it up for me. Which forum should I post questions like this in? Won't happen again, and again sorry for the confusion. Thanks!
  7. Hello, Yes I am new and don't exactly know what I'm doing. I had perceived the knowledge base area to be a place to go with questions, was I wrong? Apologies for any inconveniences.
  8. Hello! I have a late (August) 1977 280z, and am looking to buy a 1978 280z for parts transplants. However, the 78 is a 2 + 2, which I know is a bit different. I am mainly trying to replace the entire hatch assembly and windshield on my 77 280z, anyone know about the compatibility of these parts from a 2 + 2? Thanks!
  9. Ah, I was actually using starting fluid while cranking it, and it didn't fire, and never ran; so I assumed there was an issue with the spark. Guess this confirms my suspicions. That or I have many more problems to find lol. But for now, at least I have fuel running through my system. ECU looks to be fairly clean. Thanks!
  10. Right, I was thinking that I would need some type of resistance to not burn something out. So to my understanding, if I connect the green/blue wire to the fuel pump from the fuel pump relay, and place a jumper between the two green/blue wires as well, the fuel pump should run? Thanks! Edit: got the fuel pump to run hardwired to the battery, and had engine cranking and fuel going through it but it still didn't run. Now going to check if I have a spark and if my injectors are firing correctly.
  11. Thank you so much, your explanation of the different colored wires and what they do is very helpful, and makes sense. I will reattempt to wire the pump the right way and repost any problems I may run into in this thread. As a side note, I have read about a way to hard wire the fuel pump to the battery to get it to run? Is there anything you could explain about that? Again, thank you so much. Very helpful.
  12. Hello, Apologies for the picture not showing up. I had confused the oil pressure switch with the oil pressure sender, the pictures you had attached is what I was referring to. The door jamb plate says that the production month and year was 8/77, and upon further inspection my oil pressure sender has the T shape connection (I'll try and link that image). Thank you for your response!
  13. Hello! I'm a first time car restorer (late 1977 280z), and struggling mightily with the wiring of the fuel pump. I have put a lot of research into this, and attempted to recreate wiring diagrams, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. To my (limited) understanding, the fuel pump has to be integrated into a circuit with the oil pressure switch, air flow regulator, and some combination of the EFI, Fuel pump relay, or Fuel pump control relay. I started doing research into the different pins, and had found that pin 87 powers the fuel pump, so i rigged a wire into that, and connected it to t
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