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  1. Do you have the part number? I picked up a pair but not the right size.
  2. Hello:


    Appreciate the information.  Where did you order the originals?



    1. SpeedRoo


      I used this company in the Middle East.

      You can probably get it through Yahoo Japan as well.

    2. Adam 1971 240Z

      Adam 1971 240Z

      Great - I am on the search.  Thanks again.


    3. Adam 1971 240Z

      Adam 1971 240Z

      Hello:  Any chance you would let yours go for a struggling Z-Guy trying to get this car going?  I followed up on the website you supplied ( they don't have them ) and tried Yahoo Japan at no avail.  I have been looking for some time now.   I appreciate your consideration.  I understand either way. Regards,  Adam 

  3. I am restoring my 1971 240Z and trying to locate the u-joints for the steering column upper and lower. Need help on where to purchase/part number etc.? Appreciate the help.
  4. Hello:  I am working on my 1971 240Z steering rack and need the lower u-joint.  Your post in last year mentioned (I found a Kawasaki u-joint that fit without any binding).  Would  you happen to have the part number?

    Really appreciate the information.