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  1. 1971 Datsun 240Z plugs fowling when idling

    1. Lorne


      zbogusz, I am new to this platform and am not sure if you are asking me why your plugs are fowling or if this comment/question was meant for someone else?? I will say that I have had a similar issue with my 260Z in the past. The plugs were fowling to a black color and moist with fuel. I purchased the Z with triple Weber carburetors and a mild cam installed. The previous owner did not change the exhaust manifold or the ignition components from the OEM parts and as such the car was taking in a lot of fuel, not completely igniting the fuel while compressed, and had a very low ability to "exhale" the exhaust. The result was a large amount of black exhaust emitting from the exhaust pipe, which concerned me greatly. After many hours of rebuilding, replacing carburetor jets and fussing with the carburetors, I spoke to Steve Nelson from Top End Performance in California about my issue. Steve suggested that I needed to add a Pertronix electronic ignition and a header to the mix. I took his advise and noted an immediate change in the level of fowling of the plugs and a huge decrease in black smoke emitted from the exhaust pipe. As a result, I now have a Z that runs very well, uses way less fuel and has almost now black smoke coming out the back end. I hope this helps you with your issue and would like to hear back from you if it makes a change or if the problem persists.

  2. 240260280, thank you for the post. I appreciate your input, and can tell you that I would agree with the general consensus regarding no need for choking under normal circumstances. That said, I live in the relatively cold climate of Edmonton, Canada where the night time temperatures can dip below the 5C mark. I purchased the car with the triple Weber's and have had difficulty starting the car even when garaged and wondered if the issue would be overcome if choking was an option. I have more work to do to the car this winter and a few months to get this in order, so I think I will give it
  3. I am looking for any information out there regarding choking of triple Weber carburetors. I have purchased a 260Z with triple Weber's and the choke cables from the SU carb's are not useable for this conversion. If anyone has ideas of how to achieve this please let me know. If you have pictures that would be most helpful. Thank you. Lorne
  4. Lorne


    I also have the original rims and hub caps that I think might look better on the car. Not a huge fan of the spoke rims. I do love the Wannabe style though. They always look great on Z cars.
  5. Lorne


    I am a fan of all the Z cars. I bought mine this past fall and have not had a lot of time to enjoy it on the road. Was delivered to me in October and it is now parked for the winter in Edmonton. My 260 has the original engine and has had a bit of work done by the past owner. Cam, ignition work and triple Weber carburetors. The only issue I have is that the choke for the SU's does not work with the Weber's so I am needing to come up with a solution for cable system to these new ones. Any ideas? This winter I am planing and have begun an interior refresh with sound dampening material
  6. Lorne


    This is my 260
  7. Lorne


    Wow, Mike that is an extremely nice Z you have there!
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