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  1. Also one of the hatch hinges rusted out, do I need to replace the whole roof or can I just weld in metal
  2. I really appreciate the info! Ima definitely look into it because I really want to get this car up am running soon
  3. So I’m curious if they make a weld in replacement for the pictures I have attached. If so what would I look up?
  4. Haha yes calcium the water here is "hard" water. I'm currently looking at master rebuilds for the motor and it's a little costly but I'm going to have the block and head checked before I start buying parts and I can find out if I can even rebuild that motor.
  5. I'm honestly lookin at getting around the 500 mark to the ground. Overkill? Yes absolutely I'm sure, but it's also going to be a face of a tune shop.
  6. By chance do you know roughly what the L28 is rated to horsepower wise?
  7. Oh yes absolutely I agree. Here in a few years I'm going to be opening a performance shop with a dyno so I'll be doing all my own tuning and what not to include metal working.
  8. I will for a bit my main goal is to get it running. I just going to get the internals for now that can handle the boost later on.
  9. Yeah im looking into going FI just for the tuning ability. Eventually I plan on throwing a turbo on and making it a track car.
  10. yeah definitely not a bad price. Yeah thats where the old carb sat ?‍♂️ It is! im third gen born in the states.
  11. I mean to be honest I got the car for 14 dollars so either way I go it's not terrible.
  12. I already have to rebuild the motor and bore it out. The previous owner was a complete twat and cut a hole in the hood to fit a different intake manifold and carburetor that poked out of the hood. What takes the cake is that the carb wasn't covered off so it rained into it and the rain here as an insane amount of dust and calcium in it. I'm going to end up taking it to my local napa and having it completely checked before a pull a trigger and buy the rebuild kit.
  13. Okay so I did find it. The L28 isnt stock for a 74 260z is it?
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