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  1. Need one to get my 40 PHH's tuned. Anybody know somebody?
  2. Thanks, Madkaw and DM.......a lot of threads to sift through!! I do have Mikiuni's PHH Carb Service Manual, but looking for a manual or guide (if one exists) that can start me from the beginning at step one. I know the process is a lot of trial-and-error, but where to begin? This is all new to me, but I have the time and patience to learn.
  3. Just acquired a 260z with triple Mikuni 40PHH's and would like to learn proper tuning techniques for these carbs. I've done numerous searches for any kind of manuals dealing with the subject, and the only one I've found is the "Mikuni PHH Carburetor Service Manual." Anyone have any leads on any other manuals that deal specifically with tuning these carbs?
  4. Just bought a 260Z with a Mikuni 40PPH triple carb setup with TechnoToyTuning 75mm velocity stacks. PO running with no air filters. Can anyone with a similar setup recommend options for air filters? Plan mostly street use. Thanks!
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