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  1. SU float bowl lid and 5 speed front cover I am looking for one short ear SU float bowl lid. I also need a 5 speed transmission front cover. Let me know what you got. Advertiser Civilizedape Date 08/04/2019 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1972 Model 240Z

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    I am looking for one short ear SU float bowl lid. I also need a 5 speed transmission front cover. Let me know what you got.


    EUGENE, Oregon - US

  3. Thanks for elaborating. I guess Its coming back out and apart again.
  4. I was able to shift smoothly through all gears while it was going together. Not sure about the input vs out put turning test.
  5. I did. This was my first time rebuilding a transmission and its within reason that I F'd something up.
  6. So I have gotten the front carb (long ear lid) to the 10mm level but the back (short ear lid) I can't get it to the proper level with the 10 turn method. I have the float adjusted to the highest level it can reach but the fuel in the needle seat is still to low. Having said this I can start the car and idle for a 10-20 seconds before it dies.
  7. What would you suggest? Pull trans and look for what?
  8. So I pulled the pistons and the fuel level looked low maybe 1/4" below the needle seat. I pulled the float chambers off and am trying to adjust the float and valve. In the Z Therapy video he says to set the float to .55". But he also mentions long and short eared float chambers and different levels needed. The FSM and other repair manuals give different gap measurments. What is the gap measurement that I am looking for my set up?
  9. I let about a 1/4c of fluid drain out from the fill plug. Tries to roll just a bit and cranks slow. I am hoping once I get it to idle it will free something up.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I have not gotten the car running yet. If the car is in neutral and I try to start it w/o the clutch pressed it will try to roll forward. Never heard of the balk rings? Is that the brass?? rings that sync the gears? If so yes I replaced them.
  11. They are round tops. I rebuilt the carbs with the z therapy kit. So as far as I know everything should be working. Ill check the banjo fittings but I think I removed the screens. I have adjusted the floats once initially and a second time when one carb was spitting fuel out of the breather from the top of the float chamber. I'll pull the tops and check for fuel.
  12. I have a 73' 240Z w S/U's. Right now it will run for a second with a bit of starting fluid but not otherwise. I installed a electric fuel pump in just outside the fuel tank. There are two filters one before the pump and one before the carbs. Both fuel filters don't quite fill up with fuel. I know some fuel is getting to the carbs but could it not be enough pressure? Trapped air? I will probably try replacing the fuel pump as a stab in the dark. If that doesn't work I may have to fire my mechanic and find a competent one.
  13. I am finally getting my 73' 240z (L28 S/U's 5 speed) running after many many modifications and reassembly. The problem I have is that the car surges forward when cranking even when the transmission is in neutral. With the clutch pushed in it does not do this. The transmission was rebuilt by a shady backyard mechanic, me. Could it be clutch adjustment?
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