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    I picked up a 1970 240z Series I that I'm doing a ground up restoration on. All of the parts and motor I have are the original, but since the car hasn't driven in 30 years, almost everything needs to be refurbished to replaced. My goal is to complete it without hiring any outside help from a bodyshop!

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  1. Honestly I could use anything to help me verify dimensions, or to just improve upon my design. And 0.5< accuracy is great! Hope mine is close to that. I've been trying to build this for a month, and I've messed up my cuts enough to inspire me to drop 500 dollars on an evo-saw. Do you have a link to your data? Cheers
  2. Thanks! The CAD model and drawing are not finished yet, but I'll add what I can when I get to it.
  3. Ahhh, gotcha. I'm probably going to whip up some plans when the time comes. Are you building your own?
  4. Appriciate it, glad you like it! Btw, did you use thru holes and long bolts for the rear subframe/trans-mount pieces, or did you use the stock bolts with a large hole at the bottom of the horizontal box tube to fit a socket?
  5. @ConVerTT I took inspiration from your jig and I started to make one based off of your design with a few tweaks. I making a CAD model that's not quite yet complete, but I'm referencing your post with the drawing in the maintenance manual. Depending on how sturdy it turns out, I might do some math and see if I can turn it into a rotisserie! Check it out! !!!!!!WARNING!!!!! Drawing/model are not complete, dimensions may not be accurate!!!
  6. Thanks Jeff! I was really fortunate to find this work space. 1100 sqft for $100 a month!!! But tbh I do split the rent with 4 other people... lol
  7. @Captain Obvious Thanks Capn'! That helps a lot! Looking forward to bugging you hahaha @siteunseen Thank you! @grannyknot Thanks!!! I do a lot of reverse engineering of parts and stuff at work, so if you have any requests let me know. I plan on making a CAD model for every part of the car I plan to replace to see if everything looks alright before I puttem' on the car, so I'll upload those as I go along.
  8. Thanks! I just updated my VIN! Didn't see a spot to put my build date...
  9. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum so I'd like to say hello! I'm an engineer and I'm trying to restore a 1970 Series I 240z in Philly. I bought the car sometime late February and since then I've been getting all of the tools I need to rebuild the car from the frame up. So far there are a few major areas of concern on the body and frame that I need to either replace or patch up including, but not limited to... Both rear quarter panels, trunk floor, both floor pans, firewall, frame rails (front), various lips, possibly an A-pillar and etc. I'm using CAD and the technical drawings from the factory service manual to try and make my own jig, but I'd like to know if any of you know where I can find plans that have been used to successfully make a chassis jig from scratch. The drawings from the manual are sort of difficult to read and I'm trying to do this without making too many mistakes. ? Lastly, I plan on making technical drawings, and even some CAD models that I'll upload here when I'm finished and I know everything is functional.
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