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  1. Thx I'll give it a go And to zedhead aerosol might be the wrong word I cant remember exactly what it's called it's a something you use on a car right before painting it evaporates super fast mabey that'll help
  2. Supposedly it was an ignition pack or distributor but that fact that it started and stayed running debunked that so I'm lost Would the injectors cause it to do this ??? Its gets fuel thru the fuel filter fine
  3. So basically to test a car with aerosol u soak a rag in it and put it where the airfiter goes so I started it with that and it ran for 10 minutes I shut it off and it started 2 more times before it started not starting again
  4. Hey guys so I bought this 83 Zx I'm trying to fix so I cant figure it out I check the filter and the pump turns on so know it's not that any clue what is causing it to not start Ps I did get it to start on aerosol and it ran for a good 10 minutes after I took the rag off
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