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  1. ^ THAT is great, thank you
  2. Yeah I need to clean that. I only did what I needed to change the fluids (which were awful)
  3. I don't know if this site resizes pics, I'll just try loading a couple of the diff off my phone
  4. It's 3.7. I didn't get it any more accurate than that
  5. @7tooZ thanks, that's a good post. I have a lot of experience with sports cars in general, seat time at the track, and a 2L Roadster that I built up as well. That car was converted to 5-speed with LSD; at the least it's a cousin to the 240. That 5-speed swap was a GREAT change. My other cars include a 911, a 914 converted to a 2.7L sixer and a little Honda N600 hoonigan with a mid-engine CBR1000RR motor. I'm not going to feel guilty about saying that money isn't the most important thing -- the driving experience is. I'm going to figure the diff ratio this afternoon. Should have done that before my first post. Keep the opinions coming, they are always helpful.
  6. Great info guys, thank you very much. I will get under there and take some pictures; also rotate the wheels/shaft and report what I have. Garm
  7. @Mike thank you, great forum here. I am the 3rd owner, and I have receipts all the way back to the purchase of the car. Other than the wheels, I'm not going to get too crazy with this one. (I have other cars for that, lol).
  8. Understood, thanks. I am starting with a 280z motor in the car, I think that simplifies things. I've read a few places it's a straight bolt on, even re-using the 240 shifter. And no, I don't want weeks worth of downtime trying to figure out something or fabricate something; I'd rather be out driving it!
  9. If I could have a 5th speed on top of my 4-speed that would be great, like an overdrive. I keep reaching for it! 😂 I see your point about which diff, and I don't know what I have in there. It's probably the stock 4-speed diff, given the history of the car. I read that you have to open the diff up to read the code inside? I did find a some posts about this or similar swaps, so I apologize if it's redundant material, but I found the posts to be a little contradictory (and up to ten years old!)
  10. Hi all, I'm new here. Just got a pretty clean 1973 240z. The car has an L28/N47 280z motor and head in it, carbureted. Drives really nice. My question is can I bolt in a 280z 5-speed? Are any special parts needed at either the engine end or the shaft end? What about the interior shifter box? Guidance and experience are appreciated. Thanks.
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