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  1. @Zed Head Oh 100% its a great deal, the thing here is whether the deal is real or not you know? Because I clicked on the payment area, and it was a red flag to me that they accept gift cards as payments no?
  2. @Zed HeadNah, you are all %100 to take the car lol. I have no interest in it since the site is a 50/50 to me. The stock number is HG634129
  3. @Zed Head Well I had messaged an "owner" so I had thought through Oodle and then the "eAutoStock" trader sent me an email with a reply saying that if I am interested in the car they can send me a stock number, so I typed in the stock number on the site and its a really good 240z for 4k, like too good to be true 240z type good. and then they would send the car over for 10 days so I could inspect it. I can send you the stock number since I most likely will be avoiding this incase it is a scam.
  4. Yeah, that's what I have been thinking about Marty. Thank you both for your input, I'll just keep searching around for a good Z that I can see in person. Thanks once again!
  5. Hello! I’m not sure if this is the place where I’d be posting about this, but I found an okay Datsun 240z for $4,000 off the site ““ and was wondering if anyone has delt with them before and are they reputable or safe? I’ve done some research and I can only really see good reviews, but I just wanted some more input Incase y’all had any. They ship the car to me for a 10 day inspection period and if I like the car, I can buy it, if not I can decline the sale and they will take it back to there warehouse. Thank you guys and gals for any input on the site. 🙂