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  1. Yes I am definitely installing new switches!
  2. I am trying to replace my door jamb switches in the 260z. They are rusted through and I pretty much was able to "poke" them out with a screwdriver. A few issues I need to deal with: -The metal around the self-grounding door jam switches are rusted. I will not be able to get a reliable ground connection here. How have you guys dealt with this in your own Z's? I am thinking I will need to run a ground wire from another part of the car body and solder it to the switch to get a good ground. -The driver's side door jamb switch had 3 connections running to it. I'm not sure what the connections are. You can see the wires in the attached picture. If I were to guess, the wires are: Ground wire, Courtesy light ground wire, and Buzzer ground wire? Total guessing here. Can anyone help me identify the wires please? Also are 2 wires ALWAYS grounded to the switch body and only the courtesy light wire is connected to the switching end? I couldn't tell because the switch is pretty corroded. -Do you need to remove the dash to wire these door switches? I don't see any other way of doing it because the wires are pretty up there in the dash. Again, I'm a total noob at DIY car project and am learning as I go. Thanks in advance!
  3. Can someone show me how I can tap into the ignition switch power to start the fuel pump? Of course i will be powering the fuel pump through a relay, but I do not know where to tap into the ignition switch at? Do I splice into the ignition wire or is there a node in the fuse box for me to tap into?
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  5. Ahh okay. I understand now. I plan to do the upgrade to an '85 maxima alternator since it is direct bolt on and puts out 80-90A. How do people usually handle the fuel pump wiring when doing the alternator upgrade? Is wiring it through a switched source with inertia switch common to do for the Z's? You are correct that the seat belt interlock has been bypassed so it is a non-issue. I just purchased my 260z and am still learning how a car works. I am doing a lot of studying up on the car so I can begin to "modernize" it. I have never been a DIY car guy but I'm excited to start. I am fairly confident in my electrical skills so I am more comfortable starting with upgrading the electrical system first 😄
  6. Hey guys, I'm trying to perform the internally regulated alternator upgrade for the early model 260z. I was wondering if anyone has done this successfully and could share some knowledge on how the wiring should go? I have read through all the guides showing the mod for the 240z and 280z but in my research I am coming across some concerns regarding the 260z. The guides that I have read have been helpful in understanding that I need to wire a diode to be able to shut the car off. Guides I researched so far: http://www.zcarcreations.com/howto/voltreg.htm https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/40818-260z-alternator-voltmeter-swap/ The challenges specific to the 260z are the seat belt interlock and also the fuel pump wiring. I am still trying to understand these issues when bypass the voltage regulator. Hoping someone could provide insight on the proper wiring here. Thanks!
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