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  1. I tried this yesterday using brute force and some of the fins that lock the cap unto the wheel broke 😂
  2. Hi everyone, i finally completed the suspension upgrade for my Z! Thank you to everyone who gave me advice and tips on the install. Here’s a photo of the Z with 205/60/15. Is there a trick to installing the Konig hubcaps on the front? Id like to add the BRE spoiler and Air Dam. Does the Official BRE spoiler for better than the MSA spoiler with two bolts? Do you guys have a recommendation on where to get the Air Dam with Brake Ducts?
  3. Thank you Zed Head. I’ll be working on it this weekend. I’ll keep you guys up to date.
  4. I found the KYB piston nut laying on the garage floor. I ended up reusing the old piston nut (don't my mistake). Since there is a load on the vehicle, do you guys think i'd be able to unscrew and replace the piston nut without putting the Z on jack stands?
  5. Thank you for the replies. I used a KYB Excel-G shock. I spoke to technical support and they said the shock strut is made of a much harder material than the Nylock nut so hopefully it's just the nut that is stripped.
  6. It took me nearly two weeks but I’m finally finished with the suspension on the Z! I believed I stripped the nut holding in the strut (the one in the middle). It just keeps spinning and it won’t tighten. Is it possible to remove this nut with the car’s weight on it or do I have to remove the whole strut tower again?
  7. I might just install it without it. It would just lower the rear by half an inch.
  8. I just called Nissan Parts Deal and they don’t have it in stock. Thank you though!
  9. That is exactly that piece you linked that I'm after. Where do you think I can get a big o-ring from? It's roughly .70 inches in height.
  10. I hit a snag today. The rear strut upper spacers disintegrated when I pulled them out. The stores online don't carry them anymore except for one store but they are out of stock for a month. Can I put the rear suspension together without using the spacer?
  11. Thank you Dave! I watched 4-6 different videos and could briefly see it. This definitely is what I needed. Thanks again!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm nearly done with my front suspension. I was able to replace the tie rod ends today. I completely forgot to take photos before I uninstalled everything and I'm stumped. Can you guys please let me know if I have the orientation for the ball joint and tie rod end correct? Thank you guys!
  13. Hi everyone, still working on the the suspension. The rear strut upper spacers are destroyed and I don’t have them on order. Are these necessary or can you do without them?
  14. I’m having a bit trouble removing my steering rack. I’ve already removed the 4 bolts holding it in and the disconnected the tie rod ends. It’s only stuck on the steering column. Are there bolts holding the steering column to the steering rack? What is a good way to remove the tie rod ends from the steering rack?
  15. Hi fellas, Just a few questions regarding the suspension install. -How do you disconnect the rack and pinion from the steering rod? I removed the tie rod ends and the four bolts securing the rack and pinion. It’s steering rod is stuck on. Are there bolts to remove? - How do you remove the rear struts? I see the 3 bolts securing the strut in the trunk area. Where else do I need to unbolt at? - How do you remove the tie rod ends? It’s stuck on pretty good. I’m thinking having the steering rack out will help. Thank you!
  16. Thanks for the encouragement! The tie rod ends as well as steering rack bellows will be here today. I’ll be tackling this project this weekend. So far here’s what I have or will be doing suspension wise: new kyb shocks, Eibach springs, bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends and bellows. Is is there anything else that you suggest that I work on while I have the suspension out? Do I need to grease anything such as the part covered by the steering rack bellows? Also, I have some missing factory undercoating. What do you guys suggest to use to paint over it? Would truck liner spray paint work? Thank you!
  17. You make a good point. Might as well go through all the components while it's disassembled. What suspension components are you using?
  18. Just to let everyone know, America’s Tires is having a 10% off rebate for Labor Day on tires and wheels. I will be lowering my car on Eibach springs and was wondering if 205/60/15 would fit with the Z being lowered about 1.5 inches. It seems as if the majority is going with 205/50/15 on lowered Z’s.
  19. Everything is original. The ball joints and tie rods are leaking, the bellows are torn, and the shocks are blown. Im worried about adjusting the tie rods. I don’t necessarily know how to do it.
  20. I want to do the tie rod ends but I’m intimated by the install 😂
  21. Got it, thanks for the link. I’ll be completing this repair along with the suspension components.
  22. Thanks for the info Dave. I didn’t know you could just get the boot. How does the boot attached to the unit?
  23. I was able to get to quite a few things in the Z this weekend. I measured the temperature while the Z is running and it’s At the right temperature. Thank you for the advice fellas. I was working on the suspension this weekend as well. My ball joints are oozing out so I want to replace them. I saw a ball joint for sale on eBay. It says “it’s nongreasable”. Does this mean that it’s filled with grease already? I was going to get the moog ball joint but I don’t know if this is greased as well.
  24. You were right. Since they were able to fix the vacuum leaks, the Z is running better. I had to back off the idle quite a bit. It’s running much smoother now! Thank you!
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