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  1. Makes more sense.  The odds of it being original are slim, and if it is it's probably worn out.
    It looks like you're doing a restoration so maybe even original mechanical parts are important.  But $350 for a worn out clutch disc and pressure plate seems a bit much.  If that's what you're looking for, original parts, make sure you check the markings and labels.  I can't believe that somebody would even ask that amount for those parts.
    Get pictures, post them, and we'll tear them apart.

    Again my poor communications. It the clutch pedal assembly. My 1970 series 1 is an automatic!

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  2. I don't think that there is such a thing.  If the parts are Nissan new old stock, they might have added value.  But "series 1 clutch assembly" doesn't really mean anything and doesn't say anything about the brand or what the parts are.  How about more details?

    It’s off a series 1 car being parted out! Sorry for the poor communications

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  3. There should be a  production date on it like 9 - 10 or so.See the last picture
    if you want to discus a complete restoration of your car, we can do it for you.. There are so many details you have to fix! The seat bottom was a first try-out, the frame is not painted in this picture. But all materials are correct. We have about 5 original first paint cars as an example and restored about 45 S30’s.
    please contact me at christoffel2369@gmail.com

    I’ve decided to do the work myself. I’m going to enjoy the car long term and learn some things. Thank you.

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  4. I removed the drivers seat today in preparation of installing new foam and seat covers.   I'm providing some pictures here looking for ideas and the proper way to rebuild the seats. This is the bottom of the seat,  lots of dry rot.  Is there a way to replace these straps like original? 


    The back adjuster seems to be missing a part, or is this how it looks?  Any idea where I can get the parts to fix this? 



    Is there a replacement part for these plastic protectors?  Or material I can make new ones out of ?  How are people doing this ? 


    Things I found under the seat.



    Where can I find one of these ? 




    Additional photos.
























    The seat rails look like they are a military green. The grease is still in place but dried out.  The fact that the grease is still there since 1970 is interesting.  Any ideas what kind of grease this is?  It's dry nature might be natural, but I doubt it?   I'm not sure rebuilding these is something I'm going to be able to do, I may need to take them to a shop.  I'm just concerned they will throw them together and not be concerned with getting them close to correct.  

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  5. 3 hours ago, S30Driver said:

    I have had excellent results on now 3 sets of seats with interior innovations leather kits.   If you use new foam, the fit is very tight on the final closure on the bottom and seat back.   I had to trim the foam on the bottom, and add 2" of material on the closure of the seat back.   First set is about 3 years now in my daily driver, still look great. 

    I think I'll order a set tomorrow.  

  6. I’ve decided to keep the car and do what I can myself.  I’m driving it now, and I plan on driving it often. I drove it the other day for about 120 miles.  What I haven’t done is checked out the suspension. at this point I want to replace anything necessary to ensure everything in the suspension is safe.  I would imagine there are some good ideas here on how to go through my suspension, bearings etc. anything that requires grease ?? Any ideas ?

  7. 2 minutes ago, 240260280 said:

    I refreshed the seats on my Honda insight this summer and it was very satisfying and not difficult. I had two sets of seats with a variety of wear and dirt on the various parts. I was able to wash the material and use the best foam to make a very nice set.

    mefore starting, My wife had always complained about the back and butt support of these seats so when I disassembled, I sliced foam from the beat up parts to add to the set to be restored.  By carefully adding the correct amounts, and correct shapes of foam, I was able to make the seats more to her liking.  This method can also be used to take up slop from sagging, compressed areas.

    Instead of hog rings, I used wire ties that are faster and well proven substitutes.  If it was a classic car, I would use the hog rings.

    I would have no problems attacking Z seats now that I have learned from the Honda.

    Thanks for the encouragement 

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  8. My seats 70 series one seem to be in good shape, but some what compressed.  Is there a product out there that would make it possible for me to rebuild my seats, or should I leave this to a professional?


    Also, are there original carpet kits available ? 

    This may be what I'm looking for:  



  9. 12 minutes ago, Zed Head said:

    Apparently, Al, AKA URGELIS, has started a new company called Doctor Datsun Restorations.  He doesn't show his name on the new site but he seems to be the guy behind it.

    Just posting so that people will know the history before getting involved.  History is full of fly-by-night companies and people, who change identities after they wear one place out.  One guy recently had a good experience though.  Maybe he's changed.  More history will tell.


    It's pretty easy to admit when you make mistakes, fix what can be fixed and move on.  

  10. 12 minutes ago, DatsunZGuy said:

    Given the 500 mile radius you desire, I would suggest contacting Doctor Datsun in Rancho Cucamonga, which is ~400 miles from Sacramento.


    Al, the proprietor, completed component refurbishing and final assembly of my '72.  I was very satisfied with the quality of work and attention to detail.

    My other suggestion would have been Pierre Z in Gardena.  However, it appears that health issue has forced Pierre to cease operations.


    Does Doctordatsunrestorations go by another name ?