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  1. wasnt using those, just a standard wrench
  2. I tried those. Maybe ill let it soak in some wd40 or sumn first
  3. Yes, it has been sitting. I can confirm that the calipers are on the correct side. One of the two front calipers work. And it's hard to work on because I can't get it taken off the brake line. The bolt is stuck and stripped.
  4. Spent some time working on my 1977 280z last night and was almost ready to drive it. Just had to tie off some loose ends and make sure that the brakes were operational. But that's the thing... the brakes DONT work. I can't seem to get any response from one of the front brake calipers. I can't collapse the pistons. I attempted to use a C clamp but to no avail. I ended up giving up on that and moved on to some other brake components. I recently installed a new master brake cylinder for the first time and it went reasonably smoothly. I filled the reservoir and began the process of bleeding the brakes. Only one of them bled. There's nothing coming out of the rears. The bleeding nut on the MC for the rears didn't release anything. Nor did the nut on the ceased caliper. After working on it for a while, the whole thing became a mess of stripped brake line nuts and ceased pistons. HELP.
  5. What kinds of things are mounted? What gauge steel is used on the factory ones?
  6. My 1977 280z appears to have been jacked up via the frame rail because it's all bent up. Looking to save some money on the replacement. Is it possible to fabricate my own frame rails and just cut out the damaged parts? I dont have much metal experience, but it seems like I could just use a metal brake and bend some sheet metal into the correct shape. Frame rails arent a particularly complicated shape.
  7. So ive been having trouble getting my fuel pump to work when plugged into the wiring harness. So i had to hardwire it straight to the battery with a switch in between. It wasnt a huge priority to fix but i've realized that my fuel gauge doesnt work either so im thinking theres a problem with the back end of the harness. I tested the connectors for the fuel pump that are under the passenger seat and was reading less than half a volt while the car was running. Any suggestions?
  8. Ohhhhh ok that makes alot more sense. I thought those nuts were part of the bolt cuz I could NOT get them off lol Thanks!
  9. is the hex nut thingy part of that screw? Or is is just a double threaded rod with a nut on it??
  10. So there is a total of two nuts on the screw? Before AND after the fan base?
  11. Take this with a grain of salt cuz i'm new to the datsun community and im trying to learn myself. But I make the same mistake, having the distributor on backwards. What I did was made sure that the sprockets and whatnot were in the correct timing position (TDC), then just did some trial and error. Barely turning the distributor and cranking... And so on. Eventually I found that "sweet spot" and tightened the distributor back down. But like i said, i have no clue what im doing haha.
  12. Hey everyone! This might be a dumb question, but I'm doing my first L28 build and I cannot figure out how to get this radiator fan on for the life of me. It seems to be the pulley assembly and then the fan clutch that goes onto the end of the camshaft. Should be simple, but I cant figure out the order in which they need to be installed. It apparently uses some double threaded screws and some nuts but I just cant seem to get it. SMH.
  13. Ohhh makes sense. I was just curious. Thanks!
  14. I can attach photos later.
  15. I have a 1977 Datsun 280z and I was surprised to see that my spare tire well is quite shallow. The tire sticks out past the bottom of the trunk bed and ios covered by a board. Oof hopefully that makes sense. What exactly is that? Cuz I know most cars have a deep wheel well that holds a full size tire.
  16. Hi! So ive been having an issue getting my 1977 280z to start. I have spark, compression, and have been running fuel manually with an extra battery and test leads on the fuel pump. I think it sounds like the engines firing, but it just doesnt wanna turn over. Any suggestions?
  17. But for long term, how do I go about undoing this "safety feature"
  18. Would that keep me from getting power to the pump? Cuz I’m only getting like .16 volts.
  19. Yeah I’ve got some work to do because it’s not cranking anymore either.
  20. Haha now I’m not even getting power to the pump. I’m getting less than a volt off the wires that go to the pump.
  21. The fuel pump makes no noise at all so I feel like it’s something electrical. I tried two different pumps. One of which I know works because I pulled it off another working 280. Any ideas?
  22. Can I use starter fluid to eliminate fuel as an issue? I heard that starter fluid was bad for fuel injection.
  23. Ummm okay... so after some rewireing and stuff I got the fuel pump working... maybe. Lol. I connected it straight to a battery and could hear it spin up. So I fed it some fuel and this happened... What does that sound like? I’ve heard it crank, but it’s never made that violent sound in the middle. Is it firing? D17AA4C6-08B9-41AA-8B8F-A6093D78E2E6.MOV
  24. Just to make sure I have this correct, this is fuel in?
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