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  1. Familyz

    How do you wire up New ign Relay?

    Id like to try the bosch style first since i have some available. But i do appreciate it the help
  2. Familyz

    How do you wire up New ign Relay?

    probably should have mentioned im trying to use the bosch style relays ive seen some use already.
  3. Familyz

    How do you wire up New ign Relay?

    @wal280z thanks for the heads up don't even remember doing that, fixed it. Ill make sure to ground it before turning the key lol.🤪
  4. Familyz


  5. Familyz

    How do you wire up New ign Relay?

    zed head thanks for the info. yes I have looked at the wiring schematics a few times and I get the diagram its the relay that's my issue. no where I can find a zx one?
  6. Hey what's up everyone I am the proud new owner of a 76 280z 2+2 I have gotten to the point where I removed the old ignition relay and it is bad. I have some relays laying around but no clue how to wire it up. I have searched and found 2 threads that show them but just of the finished product or just the relay with wires but not how to wire it up. just really need to see what wire goes to what pin. thanks

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