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  1. Nice work. I use a sanden 709. Just an FYI. Your drier is backwards. The word “In” is on the sight glass and is pointing towards the firewall. Should be pointing towards the condenser discharge line. If you have 42 degree air on a hot day, and no leaks might just leave it be though. Good luck.
  2. Where can one purchase a new/oem quick-ratio rack for a 1976 s30?
  3. Yep. Don’t trust the balancer. Trust the vacuum gauge.
  4. Bump initial lead to 15 degrees BTDC. Check vacuum again with HOT engine. Report back. Bet you see 18 inches of mercury on the gauge.
  5. Remove all the rear panels. Clean them real well. Spray the back sides liberally with rubberized undercoating. Hit the contact points on the metal structure the plastic adheres to. The squeaks will become inaudible.
  6. There is tension, especially on center provided by ball joints and tie rod ends. Different brands may provide more or less on center feel and steering weight.
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