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  1. HallanshakerBlatherskyte

    LD28 Crankshaft

    I'm selling an LD28 crankshaft. The journals are stained from storage and it will need to be cut. It's never been machined. Located in NC. Asking $900 shipped.
  2. HallanshakerBlatherskyte

    LD28 Complete disassembled

    I never said rod ratio effected displacement. Just that a taller block allows a better rod ratio with a given stroke. This is what I was trying to avoid. Just looking to gauge interest in selling an engine.
  3. HallanshakerBlatherskyte

    LD28 Complete disassembled

    A lot of people prefer the taller block so that they can offset grind the crank and still have a reasonable rod ratio. There are several better places to have such a conversation were it necessary, but the info is easily searchable on this forum or others. I posted this to gauge interest and get pricing feedback and would greatly appreciate any reply along those lines. Thank you!
  4. HallanshakerBlatherskyte

    LD28 Complete disassembled

    My plan was a holset and a 5.9 Cummins pump. I would take $2k for the complete engine. Asking $1200 for the crankshaft.
  5. HallanshakerBlatherskyte

    LD28 Complete disassembled

    I have a complete disassembled LD28 that ran great when I took it apart 10 years ago. I assume people only care about the crankshaft but I'm not sure what the interest is these days. Anyone looking?

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