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  1. Thank you so much! They were attached to a rail I bought and it was all wrapped up in plastic wrap so I hope the inside is all good. I'll go look through that thread!
  2. I'll get a picture for you real soon. They are green tops I do know that. The place I'm taking them too does a clean and flow test all in the same sorta package. I took my injectors off my 02 Rsx Type-s and they did a great job. They are off an 81 model 280zx
  3. I purchased a used fuel rail with injectors attached to it. The seller didnt say if they were off of a turbo model or not. Is there a product number I can reference? Or any way to figure out if they are NA injectors? I pulled them off to have them cleaned. And I have a Pallnet rail coming in here soon. Thank you
  4. I'm gonna have to go back tomorrow and mess with it more. But I don't think the prime works. Is there another way I can prime it?
  5. That picture says it all. The it would be your left if you are standing behind the car looking down at the unit. Thanks a bunch!
  6. I have a 1981 280zx and I think I have the sending unit plumbed correctly. But I don't think I'm getting fuel still. The right most line is the vent line. The middle is the send line and the left most is the return right??
  7. Aleigjty! I think I'm missing the little o rings like y'all linked and sent pictures of. I'll pull off the fuel rail and injectors and get a picture of them. On a side note. On the blue ECU plug under the dash, there is a 2 pin plug with a yellow solid wire (I think) and a yellow worth red stripe wire. When I replaced the harness I failed to note where that plugs in. Any ideas? Thank you for the help
  8. I replaced my fuel rail and installed some green top Injectors into my 1981 280zx. When trying to crank it 6 puffs of smoke (one per injector) came out from the injectors ports. Do the injectors have little seals around them that I forgot to Install?? Im not sure what to do. I did notice a gap between the hole for the imjectors and the Injectors themselves. Any ideas?
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