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  1. Wayne, you have left us all hanging since 2004!!! Still around? What was the fix - get rid of the ride?
  2. My booster recently failed and had thought about rebuilding it. Found a much easier process that comes with a warranty and only costs One Ben Franklin plus shipping to Texas (A little over $100): - Believe it or not, Rockauto is signed up with a good rebuilder in Texas. - Took one week turn around - I removed my original sticker from the booster as I figured they would be media blasting it off anyway - Arrived nice condition, wiped it down with prep and painted it. - Rebuilt for sometimes less than what I saw a rebuilding kit cost (about $120 was what was showing up if you could find it)
  3. Very Old Thread, but proof I use search button: - IF anyone is looking at this to figure out why their rear shoes are always tight: I recently picked up a 240z and have gone through the entire brake system. Shoes looked good, so kept them on there (for now...) pending overall plan for the zcar. - Then my rear brakes would get really tight especially on one side. The other side would get a little tight as well. - Looked at the shoes and pads and get this - the mfr's are putting the leading side pad on upside down! And I see in the picture above that it too is not right - The pad on the screw side of the brake adjuster should go to the bottom so when you use the parking brake, there is pad material there. - So far, two mfr's have sent me incorrect shoes. I have a third vendor trying to get me the right ones today. May update when I find a vendor with the right ones that don't cost an arm