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  1. Almost forgot I had this thing. Pulled it out to change the oil and let it warm up. It responded in kind with a dead tach. ?
  2. Currently it can't make it to the nearest auto parts store. ? But you're welcome to swing by and critique it anytime.
  3. Coming up on a year without an update: oops. Not much to say. Unfortunately with a newer job and Covid, the BP has pretty much sat. Since the weather wasn't as hot yesterday, we did get it started and backed out of the garage for a much-needed oil change. It still had year-old oil mixed with Marvel Mystery Oil. I didn't want to do too much with it since the crank pulley issue is still present. But it got up to operating temp with a short drive around the block. Fuel pressure still looks good at idle and under free-revving, but it does start to miss under load once things have warmed up. T
  4. Small update: found some time on Saturday to focus on the S30. I had previously picked up some small things from Z Car Depot a few weeks ago and was eager to do something with them: new water temp sensor & nut for the gauge, thermostat, antenna hole plug, and an inline fuel pressure gauge. Honestly, it's probably been two months since the Z was last started, so I wasn't entirely surprised that it didn't want to start right off the bat like it usually does. It turned over but wouldn't start. I checked a spark plug and found it to be dry - decided this would be a good time to install t
  5. He did a good job! It's not the prettiest for now - I forgot to order the powerbraid sheathing. But more importantly, it works. The antenna hole will be plugged temporarily. I think I found a short "stubby" metal antenna that will work in place of the retractable version. And thank you. It's a bit rusty and has a long way to go. But it has potential.
  6. A bit of progress from this past weekend. We finally found some time to tackle replacing the worn/broken EFI connectors in the engine bay. Got to everything but the AFM. I also swapped in a new coolant temp sensor for the ECU. This made a noticeable difference in how it started when cold (less turnover time) and allowed the engine to idle a bit smoother: somewhat sewing machine-like we noticed. It still isn't 100% and I've got a laundry list of things to rule out. But we took it around the neighborhood and even got it out on some of the higher speed busier roads: 40mph, woo! Unfortunately
  7. No mechanical updates. Life and work have been busy with other projects unfortunately. We're currently replacing the top boards on our deck: exciting... I recently got involved in the growing local z car club so we hosted the year's first "tech day" at our place. Got to see a few other S30s up close and get some ideas for our own.
  8. No progress on the S30. But we finally got a warmer, dry, and sunny(!) weekend to get some work done on one of the daily cars. So the Z cars got a bit of sun. I'm sure you can tell which one didn't want to start. Lol. I guess it has been a few months since it was last started. I also have a hunch that someone left the hood popped after showing off the engine bay a few weeks ago.
  9. I hope everyone had a good Christmas & new year. Here's a small but encouraging update. I ended up buying a Centric 8" (by the company's words - it was still the proper 8.5" size) brake booster advertised for '75-78 2-seaters. Rock Auto had a couple left, so I jumped on it. While not as nice looking as the A1 unit, it actually fits. The vacuum port is straight, as it should be, although I was a bit annoyed that it's a plastic piece instead of metal. Either way, the booster is in and works. Brakes feel a lot better for their age & condition. Suspension is laughably soft and boat-li
  10. Good idea. I had forgotten about them. Hopefully MSA has some of the older style if they stock A1 Cardone. I spoke to someone at Z Car Depot and they were able to confirm they have the older style (correct fit) from their supplier.
  11. Small update. Work has been keeping us busy and we had to set aside some time and funds for our Jeep - we had a little too much fun offroading. But we finished a few small things here and there while the weather was nice. Replaced the broken pin in the connector and swapped in electronic flasher relays, so it now has properly working turn signals - no more super fast flashing. Hazards aren't working, so my guess is the switch needs some cleaning or replacement. The driver's side headlight also (finally) died while testing various lighting functions. I noticed the wiring to it was pretty b
  12. Sorry about that, guys. I've rehosted the pics, so hopefully they'll show up now. Hoping I haven't accidentally booted the pics in my 280Z thread now.
  13. I thought this ZX subforum could use another ongoing build thread. This is part of an already existing thread from another forum, so please excuse any grammatical errors from the adaptation. I've had this '86 300ZX turbo for nearly 9 years, so I'll try to paraphrase some of important details. Keep in mind that it's a driver's car. I do enter it in shows and try to keep it as clean as possible, but when it comes down to it, it is being built as a car intended to be driven and enjoyed on the backroads of the Ozarks. Another note: I posted this as a "period-correct" restomod, but it ob
  14. That's quite the interesting tool, Captain. I'm hoping we don't need to mess with the AFM. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was already "adjusted" by a previous owner. That would be the only reason for me to calibrate per factory specs. The long-term goal is to ditch the stock EFI in favor of Megasquirt (or Micro if it can handle our needs) and ITBs. Nothing is set in stone obviously. I have a couple options saved, but currently have my eye on a set of OER 45s to go with a mild L28 build. But that's going to be down the road. So I might change my mind in the meantime. I broke a
  15. Haha. Thanks for the input. You're correct in that all the above [probably] needs work. We've just barely scraped the surface on the mechanical part of it. I already have some replacement sensors - CHTS, water temp, cold start valve, and possibly the thermo time switch - on my list. Also going to replace a lot of the brittle/worn connectors. The timing on it is certainly out of adjustment: it wants to idle at a higher rpm. So I need to set aside a day to go through it and adjust/check things. Once that's all taken care of, I'll feel more comfortable with taking on the valve adjustment. The res
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