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  1. These have to be the problem. That or something with the starter. The wire on the ignition leads to somewhere but it’s cut. The plug with the yellow band of tape connects to a plug behind the dash. The one with tape, well idk wher that plugs into but I do know that it’s with the wires that plug into the ignition switch
  2. ok so I did what you said with the flat head and the starter... scared the wizz out of me! It was like a firework not an arch? But nothing happened with the dash's and gauges but when I took off the negative battery terminal I heard a click from around the battery area. What do you guys think, maybe the starter?
  3. I’ll try that, but no I haven’t tried pulling it. It sits in my garage till I get it running. And from the guy I bought it from, he took out the dash and he messed with the harness a bit. Don’t know what he did but it looks like he only made a few changes. He put the dash back in and when I bought it he was able to start it up and drive it on the trailer I had. Of course it misfired because of a injector oring (which I fixed) but there is rust on the floor pan so I took out the dash and moved the harness out of the way so I have more room; thinking about it it was a dumb move on my end but now I’m here. I did got it running after I installed the correct new fuel injector and water pump but at one point decided to start the project on the rust . When I took out the dash I marked everything that I saw was plugged in on the dash and a few on the kick side panel.
  4. The guy I bought it from did say he took out the dash and “fixed it” . And jump on the post starter? What does that do and how? And the lights for the dash turn on when I turn on the headlights on. Not the side markers, but the headlights with them
  5. Hmm maybe it’s the same for that wire, idk whenever I look online for a new ignition switch, it has the wire with the part so idk. I’m just gonna have to take out everything I plugged in and do it again. Do any of you guys might have an idea of why the dash gauges aren’t turning on, or why the engine doesn’t wanna crank when I turn the key? The lights turn on to see the dash but not the important things
  6. No I didn’t cut the wire, the wire was already cut. The red/blue wire is connected to a little square box on the ignition , where the key goes in and I can’t find where to plug it in. I looked at the diagram you suggested and it just looks like it’s a ground..
  7. I took out the dash on my 83 ZX 2+2 and I disconnected the dash harness from the main harness and I also took out the wires from the taillight, fuel pump, everything. Once I put the dash back in and wired everything up the car didn't start. The headlights and lights work for the dash but the gauges and accessory lights on the dash, don't turn on at all. It's like when I turn the key, nothing happens not even the fuel pump turns on and the fuel pump wire and fuel pump wire relay are plugged in.The battery volts on the dash gauge works but that's it. I looked at the ignition switch and the red/blue wire is cut. I read somewhere that the wire connects to the dash harness but idk where. Please help me figure out where the red/blue wire connects to. This is my theory on why the car wont turn on, It is probably not but I can only hope. the car ran fine before I took out the dash and now it doesn't even crank, it did have problems with idling and it would struggle to turn on but it did crank(this was before I took out the dash) I need to clear the fuel lines and cant with fuel in the lines.
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