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  1. I'm pretty much asking these questions to get a feel for the appropriate price ranges for what I'm looking at. I've never owned a 40yr old car. I'm Continually learning and sharpening my sense of what to look for in the condition of these cars, to learn how best and what best to put money down on when I finally choose to do that. I'm very interested in getting one of these cars to indeed tool around with and experience the joy of cruising in it and being one with it and to make it mine like these guys attempted to do. I love the look and nostalgic vibe of the s30 better than any other car I've seen. I want a stick to drive it, drive it. I'm novice mechanically with only experience maintaining my accord doing minor jobs, breaks, ball joints, tie rods, head gaskets, sensors, starter etc. I know that's nothing but I have tasted the satisfaction and visceral feeling of empowerment, self reliance and freedom of this relationship with a car, which has made me an avid follower of the guys on youtube who do just that and I kinda wanted to get my foot in the door of that lifestyle, but can't go full die-hard like I'm sure some of you are, because of money and other priorities taking center. So...I'm feeling out the best approach to my situation...I work full time and also have the life long project of being a serious professional photo-realist painter so all my free time is spent in long hours of the painting discipline www.michaeljosephkimpler.com ...that aside, I know what it is to take on a project. So I'd want the car as a side hobby but one that I can buy that at least reliably runs, so I can enjoy it in season, and in winter store it and begin to do minor restoration jobs through the years. Like a rat rod with strong reliable running components and at least not rusted out to the point of compromising the structural integrity of the car, but also can be slowly welded back up and restored...right now my price range is 5k...that's right just 5k, I hope I'm not wasting anyone's time. thankyou for your time, Mike
  2. The first 260 the guy is including in the sale the original motor plus two extra trannies. Why would someone do that? Couldn't he make more money by selling those parts separately? Or maybe he just wants to get rid of them or is it to sweeten the deal, some sort of selling strategy, I dont know? WHy?
  3. found it on facebook group forum: Datsuns for Sale! What are your thoughts on this Z? 15k seems like too much would you pay that? What do you think about those modifications? https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/cto/d/1974-datsun-260z-lsv8-6spd/6573976959.html
  4. yeah, that was my first alarm, why has it been sitting for three months? Maybe he's just been asking for too much? Its about an 800 mile round trip to see the car, about 80$ in gas. I've never actually seen a datsun z in person, the drive might be worth the experience of checking the car out maybe?
  5. can you list the biggest places of rust concern ...I've heard if battery tray is rusted that's grounds for dismissal. I've heard if firewall is rusted that's no a go. Where else?
  6. Didnt make that clear sorry. I don't know how to drive stick. What are some of the things I should be looking for when its test driven?
  7. Thats Joseph merrick Elaphant Man. Don't have pictures of gas tank but I could ask. I'm trying to list up some questions to ask this guy before I determine whether or not to make the 5 hr. drive to see the car. He first listed at 7k, the cars looks to have been listed unsold for 3 months, I contacted him and he's said the price was now 5k and he'd be willing to ship it to me. But Im not putting money down without seeing it first. What do you think about that "custom center console"? What would be the reasons for someone doing that,,rusted out tranny tunnel?
  8. This is a 1974 Datsun 260z, coolest car i have ever seen. It has a hotrod 2.8, dont know exactly what was done to the motor. But it forsure has a different cam and custom block on it. I paired it with a clean set of Dual Webers. Runs perfect 5-speed Nice set of wheels on it, original wheels come with it too. Brand new HALO headlights with black background Brand new Starter, Alternator, Elderbrock low pressure fuel pump. I cut out and fabricated the extra wheel well so it can have a bigger gas tank compared to the original. Heat works great Custom center console, with tray and wiring for newer radio. It has push to start system with wireless key fob, cranks perfect. Still have original ignition that come with it though. Brand new polyurethane bushing set for all of the suspension & steering. very few rust spot, body & frame is in great shape compared to the other datsuns i have seen. Comes with a box of brand new seals for the hatch, doors, and windows. Also original motor and two trannys come with. Spare starter and alternator come with
  9. If I were to find after looking in person at the first one ( chicago 260) that the fender well, firewall and the frame weren't severely compromised by rust, would it be worth 1000.00 as a project car? The hood and doors don't look like they rest right. I think I heard that was hard to fix or restore, or to stay away from a car like that? But again I'm pretty green to all this.
  10. if i could get that first one down to 1000.00 I might just do that, I got a garage to store her at least try to get it up and running have a little fun with her, keep my daily till I can buy another reliable Honda, then complete restoration over the course of several years in my spare time would be awesome. Thanks sweatybetty that's the advice I was looking for, I've woken up from my lustful dog in heat delusion.
  11. thanks,... waiting to be accepted to the group to see link.
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