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  1. Thx for your imput guys. I actually don´t know where it goes, but I´ll tell you, if there is something new.
  2. Vielen Dank wheee! ^^ rturbo 930, i heard about Rebello, but didnt know this. Thank you! I red the hole post on the side you send me. It is indeed cheaper to send the engine in the US and back. But I want to do it all on my own. ( Buy all the parts and put it together ) I want to grow on this build, so I hope you understand, that your post was very usefull, but doesn´t answerd my question. Still my big question is, how far I could drill it. I searched and searched but didn´t find the bore/stroke ration of the Rebello engine "Purist" 2.7. Do you know it?
  3. Hello everyone, I´m Marl, 20 years old, and I´m about to buy a Nissan Datsun 240z 1972 manual in 2 weeks. Before you continue with reading I want you to know, that my english isn´t the best. You might see some incorrect words and tense. I apologize. But, let´s keep going, because of course I want to ask you something: I was thinking about to drill the engine "wider". The L24 has a bore/stroke ratio of 83 x 73.7 mm and I wanted to ask, if someone of you ever drilled the engine block over 83 mm? If you did, what experiences do you get? If you did, how far can you go? (84?85?) And of course you need to know what I exactly want to build in my garage. I want to make the full package: -sharper camshaft to go higher rpm -lighter/better valves and springs -new lighter pistons with less skirt (also for higher rpm) -new lighter rods -precision-balanced crankshaft ( I already read a lot recommendations to use the crankshaft out of the L26 ) -3 SU´s (maybe Weber, idk; can you recommend something please?) -headers and a full exaust-pipe - and of course things like a better oil-pump, air-/water-cooler a.s.o. What do you think would be the output on a engine like this? If you have any recommendations on my ideas, language or something else, let me know. I don´t bite ^^ Thank you for reading!
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