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  1. you dont understand i only tried jumper wires while tring to fix electral problem im not driving it with jumper wires
  2. im looking for another car not a engine i have looked at wiring diagram i have a factory shop manual and thats what i dont understand the wiring goes from battery to fuze links to alternator but i have power at fuze links and battery but not alternator if jumper wire is hooked from batteryplus to alternator battery everything works
  3. i traveled from tennessee to georgia for the one i have now and price depends on how nice it is i would go 500 miles maybe more i am set on a maxima because thats what i have now so i would have parts for it
  4. i trying to post on nissan diesel forum but i forgot my password i cannot find out how to log in there i have a maxima diesel but i was changeing the alternator and it shorted out no i have no power at all i hope to find someone who knows nissans to help or maybe if i can find another maxima diesel
  5. im looking for a 81 82 or 83 maxima diesel perfer standard shift
  6. im looking for a maxima diesel engine or whole car