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  1. ninjanick

    260Z with ZX Booster

    My 260Z was built in August so I believe it's a late model 260Z. In an effort to restore the brakes, I have a ZX Booster with a ZX Master Cylinder. The booster mounts without having to drill any new holes. I read a bunch of posts and I recall installations requiring to flip the booster upside down to fit. I did that and now the last 1" of pedal travel (before it hits the brake switch) has a noticeable "stick". It sounds like a thud and feels like the boost and/or rod are getting hung up somewhere. I checked around the linkage and nothing is interfering. The rod to the booster seems to attach to the brake pedal arm straight. I'm thinking the booster needs to be re-installed in reverse to get better alignment?
  2. ninjanick



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