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  1. Dan Hansen

    Cam upgrade?

    Delivered my 240Z head at the workshop this morning, before installing the new manifold and triples, I decided that it would be better to have it cleaned, and checked before it all went back together again... That made me thinking.... What about a mild cam instead of the standard? What would it take, besides the cam itself, rockers and lash pads? any thoughts, any one?
  2. Dan Hansen

    Triple M´s?

    Thanks for the great advice, I´ll contact David when I´m done installing....
  3. Dan Hansen

    Triple M´s?

    Oh yes...., thank you for the advice...
  4. Dan Hansen

    Triple M´s?

    Found a perfect refurbished set on ebay...Thank you guys..:-)
  5. Dan Hansen

    Restoring the undercarriage.

    Dave WM, Thanks.... I´ll try that... Do you have a site where I can order one of those MSA?
  6. Dan Hansen

    Restoring the undercarriage.

    Thank you guys, for all in-puts... I discovered the leak when the front was jacked up while working on the suspension, first impression was the main seal behind the flywheel? but it makes sense that it could be the oil-pan gasket? Which seal would be recommended, are there any updated ones (silicone etc.)?
  7. Dan Hansen

    Restoring the undercarriage.

    Captain Obvious, Thank you... The car came that way, pretty tight in every way.... I decided to go with the poly´s I have used them on my other cars, and I think they do the job.
  8. Dan Hansen

    Triple M´s?

    duffymahony, thank you...
  9. Dan Hansen

    Restoring the undercarriage.

    Lifting the differential back in place was easily done by me alone and a jack-lift, the same for the shock absorber... the A-arm needed a bit more handling,before it where seated so the bolt could go through and the right side are almost done, by almost I need to replace the brake pipe, before moving on to the left side.
  10. Dan Hansen

    Triple M´s?

    Esmit208, Thank you, I´ll try to contact them....
  11. Dan Hansen

    Restoring the undercarriage.

    With the last pieces ( read bolts etc.) in house, I can now get serious with the rear suspension and differential.. First up, was the diff, with new seals and fresh oil, it´s ready to be put back in place. The rear wheel bearing, spindle and seal where pressed in, dampers and springs back in place... Progress is steady and I think by the end of this week it´s all done with. Then I can turn my attention the the engine/gearbox... While working on the car, I discovered a leak between the bell housing and motor... I guess the main seal needs to be replaced, as for the seal in the bottom of the oil pump? I might replace the clutch, pressure plate and lighten the flywheel while I´m at it...? When thats done, I can replace the entire exhaust system to a brand new stainless steel JDM twin pipe...:-)
  12. Dan Hansen

    Restoring the undercarriage.

    Please forgive me, it was not my attention to ignore your knowledge on the subject. As owner of a painting-company with special in renovation and restoring old townhouses etc. in Copenhagen, We are time to time challenged by the fact that 400 year old layers of paint are with lead in them, therefor the procedure before and under are highly observed and documented, that is for the employes health and the risk of pollution of the dirt. In fact our employes are having a blood test drawn before and after, again to document the procedure. In subject to the renovation, the grease was removed with paper towels and bio soap, so there where no mechanical cleaning which could course dust etc.
  13. Dan Hansen

    Restoring the undercarriage.

    Thank you.... I was not aware of the content of lead in the old grease, wearing no protection I´m now glowing in the dark...:-)
  14. Dan Hansen

    Restoring the undercarriage.

    The rear of the car are having the same treatment as up front.. New springs, dampers, bushings, bearings, brakes, lines... even the driveshafts completely restored. The rear diff, are having new seals, and a splash of fresh oil...:-)
  15. Dan Hansen

    Triple M´s?

    Thank you... I will keep looking... I know it will be a struggle...

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