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  1. Has anyone with a higher compression (10:1 or greater), N/A & hot cam set-up have done a dyno comparison of a 2.5" set-up and a 3" set-up and seen any difference? I'd like to stay 2.5" max for ease of fitment and I am assuming 3" will be louder which I don't want that. However, I don't want to leave hp/tq on the table.
  2. Sounds great madkaw! Do you have pictures underneath your car showing your set-up? Anyone else have experience with single exhaust and switching to dual or vice versa?
  3. What were your dyno numbers and what does your build consist of? Did you run a single exhaust and switch to duals? I'd like to get others opinions on the single vs dual debate before I decide for myself.
  4. Thanks for the input. I'm contemplating, ditching the 2-1 part of my header and running two 2-1/4" or two 2-1/8" pipes. Anyone else agree that 3" is excessive for my build?
  5. Thank you very much for the help and encouraging words on my build. I just looked up the ISKY cam and it is 290 adv. duration and 242@.05". From my understanding, advertised is taken at 0.006" most of the time. So for my cam, the advertised would be 311 duration and 254@.05". So, my cam is bigger than the ISKY with slightly less lift at only .480 vs .490. I'm going to search through ur builds for reference.
  6. Yes I have accounted for shimming the springs. Have additional outside washers. I'm surprised to hear that you recommend more duration. I admit the lift is mild at only .480" but the duration of 254@.05" is a lot comprared to other grinds. Diseazd, what duration is your isky cam? Also, what are the specs for your build? Do you think with a home port I can improve the head enough to utilize more than .480" lift?
  7. This picture is of the 'unfinished' intake. Still needed mounting holes & injector holes put in.
  8. I have another stock cam that I can send for a different grind. Originally I was going with no porting, now I am worried that my lift is too low and I'll be leaving some on the table. Thanks! I've done so much research on this build, especially on the intake design. I will post pictures soon. I did a 3-angle valve job unfortunately before I decided to do the porting. Other than that, nothing has been done 'yet'. I am using the longer N47 valves. See 5th bullet in the list above.
  9. Thanks for the response, The cam spec attached shows the duration (254 @0.05"). The flat tops don't have any reliefs, I will be going through the clay procedure check. What clearances does everyone recommend? The CR from my calculations will be 10.27:1 - I want to run on 91 octane comfortably. What CR do you recommend? The P79 heads to my understanding have the same combustion chamber and intake ports as the famous P90. The difference is in the exhaust - P79 has the steel liners.
  10. Hello fellow z members, This is my first post on CZCC. I am in the process of my first engine build... This car will only be for street (daily summer) use and will have ~10.2:1 CR, the build so far consist of the following: -N42 Block 0.010" decked, 0.020" bored out - Completed -Forged flat top pistons 0.020" oversized. Machined to all stick 0.013" above deck height - Completed -Felpro head gasket (.039" gasket - 0.013" deck height = 0.026" P/H clearance) - Completed -L24 prepped & balance rods - Completed -P79 Head 0.080" decked (46cc chambers), using N47 valves (0.080" longer) - Completed -Resurfaced rocker arms - Completed -0.080" Cam tower shims - Completed -Valve job - Completed -6-2-1 headers - Completed -Megasquirt 3 - Completed -30lb injectors - Completed -LS COP - Completed -50mm ITB's with custom long tapered intake (50mm to 37mm) - Completed -New ARP rod bolts - Completed -Racer Brown 325R camshaft from Delta Cam - Completed -Rebello Valve Spring A - Completed -Fidenza aluminum flywheel (Stock LUK Clutch) - Completed -Dual 12" electric fans & Aluminum Rad - Completed Still need to do: -3" Exhaust - Not Completed -Port match head to intake (37mm) - home port job - Not Completed -New Fuel Pump and Regulator - Not Completed -Assembly The reason for this post is to get any opinions/tips/suggestions on this build before I start porting the head and begin assembly. What type of HP do I expect to see with this build from your experiences? Lastly, I attached a picture of my cam specs. Any suggestions on dialing in this cam to suit my build? Thanks in advance!
  11. jy.s30z


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