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  1. I have a '72 240Z and am having a hell of a time finding replacement covers and panels. I want factory original looking as well as color match. Anyone have any suggestions? Google searches come up with nothing. I believe Nissan calls it "brown" but it's that orange tan color. Any help is appreciated. My car is paint code 113 Green and I really want to keep it original looking. Thanks!
  2. Just sold my '71 240Z and now selling this super rare dealer installed setup that was in the glovebox. Beltek is the manufacturer and both units are in very good shape. This is very rare and I've only seen one in over 20 years of collecting. It would make a killer addition to anyone's collector car! Not sure what it's worth but I know one sold years ago for $800 so I know it's North of that figure. Please let me know if you're interested. Thx, Dan
  3. Yeah I thought you might have meant that post. It's all good. Anyway, pass the word. Super cool addition for someone's car!
  4. What's the going rate for these nowadays? I'm assuming well over $1k since one sold a few years back for $800. I've had and seen a lot of Z's in my day and have never come across another one. Even googling it there's not much info... I appreciate any input. Thx
  5. Car has been sold. Beltek FM/EQ/8 track will be sold separately so if anyone knows anyone interested let me know. Rare as hens teeth!
  6. My apologies. What I meant was it had the early console with the cigarette lighter by the fuse block, non reclining seats, vertical defroster lines, etc. Edit made to original post. Thx
  7. Selling my 71 240Z. It's not a restoration, more of a resurrection. 90k original miles. Matching numbers original engine and I assume the tranny as well. The car was only driven from new until 1984, then parked inside a garage where it sat for the next 34 years untouched. I purchased from original owner and brought it back to life. Engine purrs unbelievably and the carbs were perfect! I did oil/filter, plugs/wires, brakes, new belts and hoses, heater core hoses, master cylinder, etc. It runs, drives and stops well. Tires have been on the car since it was stored and need replaced. Tires can be a personal preference so I choose not to replace them and leave that up to the new owner. The car came from VA and is overall very solid. There's some typical rocker bubbling but very manageable. Floors and frame are very nice. Came with dealer installed AC (all there) and ultra rare Beltek FM/EQ/8 track player mounted inside the glovebox. Such a cool find!!! Even the clock works and keeps perfect time! 919 Sunshine Yellow paint code with one repaint in same color prior to being put away in 1984. Presentable for a driver but to be really nice should be resprayed. Passenger seat and door panels are quite nice. Driver's seat has a few seam tears on the bottom. Dash is super nice with no cracks! Door panels are in great shape as well with the original chrome strips intact and nice. Bumpers are driver quality with some minor pitting. This is a very original unmolested 240Z and very collectible. Jack and tools/pouch in their storage bins. All glass is good. Doors shut the best I've ever heard on an old Z. Asking $17,500 or reasonable offer. No trades, no games please. Serious inquiries only. Thanks, Dan
  8. I have one, in very nice condition. Inside glovebox on my 71 240Z. Call me at (843) 267-3244 Dan
  9. I have one, in very nice condition. Inside glovebox on my 71 240Z. Call me at (843) 267-3244 Dan
  10. Yep, thanks. The smaller 2.0 was because smaller displacements paid less taxes
  11. That's an Eagle GT, a factory built Ferrari Dino replica (one of only 12 ever made supposedly) built on a Porsche 914 platform. Ferrari shut the company down because it was too close to the original (not really but that's what they said). This is a CA car and has been off the road since 1984. I'm dropping in a VTEC K20 with 6 speed. Should be a wicked fun little toy when I'm done.
  12. nix240z, come by any time. I have it starting on eBay tonight with a similar reserve and a little higher Buy it Now...was offering guys here a better deal. Someone out there is going to jump all over this. Act fast.