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  1. I think there is enough left in the hole to suggest it didn't snap inside the block. The remnant is 9mm from the flange. I'm almost wondering if I should try to weld a stud inside the buggered hole for the cooling neck. If you can suggest an easy way to get that rear bolt out of the housing, I'd appreciate it!
  2. Hi All, I'm working on my 72 240Z. In removing the thermostat housing cooling neck, I snapped one of the bolts going into the housing. I couldn't extract the bolt so then I decided to remove the whole housing to work on it on the bench. Of course, I snapped the front bolt. Can U give any tips for getting the rear bolt off the engine? It is sandwiched in there!!!!! I fortunately found a new housing on z-cardepot and should have it at the end of the week. TIA
  3. I'll pull out the switch and have a look!
  4. Thanks Steve. I should note that the rear blinkers work normally if I have the brake pedal depressed. So which fault would cause this and what should I replace????
  5. Hi All, First post here! I did in fact look through many prior posts about my problem! I went for my first state inspection today and realized none of the blinkers were working. The hazards light up at all four corners normally. When I got home I changed one of the fuses (although it looked fine) and since then the front directionals are working but still not rears. The rear hazard lights are working as are the brake lights. Is this likely a problem with the flashier unit that is located under the steering column covers? THANKS! BTW, I always wanted a Z-car when I was young and now I have a beautiful one!
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