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  1. @grannyknot https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-auto-parts-and-accessories/ottawa/datsun-z-front-and-rear-strut-bars/1492659000
  2. Settle down big guy..., no need to fret.... we are a colourful lot and we must get along. I blew up a few times in the past and now resent it. Just go with the flow of this site. It is really quite a nice place on the internet.
  3. It alters both actually. they all interplay. The diameter of the steering wheel determines the amount of circumferential movement of your hand required to turn the wheels a set amount. Basically the ARC LENGTH S that is swept is the variable that changes with diameter. 1. To turn the wheel a certain amount on a small wheel to take a corner is say 4" of circumference travel (S). 2. If you use a bigger wheel that is twice the diameter, you will have to turn 8" of circumference travel (S) to take the corner. The larger diameter wheel has more mechanical advantage and
  4. My daughter's 2011 Civic has very quick steering. Seems even more than my s2000. The PO did some tweaks. Specs say 13.7:1 steering ratio. The S2000 is 13.8:1. I went to a smaller diameter steering wheel on my 280z and it was a great improvement. There are many ways to modify the geometries.
  5. The length of "steering knuckles" also factor in the amount of steering wheel turn to the amount of wheel rotation. @JDMjunkies.ch documented this: I don't know the geometrical details between the various Nissan parts but I would think that new parts would remove slop. This would seem to be the biggest, and most welcome benefit.
  6. CO is spot on.,,, obviously You can increase spring pressure or simply add weights on the piston top in the dome to also reduce the lift/increase fuel pull as needed. Some thoughts: Would SU work best if piston attained max opening at max torque rpm? Would SU work best if piston attained max opening at max HP rpm?
  7. If you know basic electronics and can take apart and reassemble a toy then you can fix it.
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