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  1. https://www.tires-easy.com/blog/what-are-the-red-and-yellow-dots-on-my-tires/
  2. I still have fond memories of the start of this project cruising in CO's cool purple Z with the AF sensor stuck in the back on the streets of Toronto base lining the L Jetronic. I wish we lived closer together. Two mad scientists... and more than enough lathes!
  3. @Dr. 240Z & I were cruising on the highway at 60mph just on the idle circuit of his triple webers (no main jets installed). I think you may find the Bosch idle enrichment on the TVS is engaged at cruise as the throttle is opened very little at cruise. You may wish to attack your optimization this way: 1. Configure: Close AFM idle screw, disable TPS 2. Set Cruise A/F: Adjust AFM spring to get your cruise at desired A/F ratio 2. Set Idle Enrichment Window: Enable TPS and adjust it so that it is not enriching at cruise. Disable WOT enrichment with tape on
  4. That will give a little delay but if you bend it back too far, the contacts will never close.
  5. I think the gaps can be changed a bit but you really have to alter when the cam (molded in the nylon) pushes on the center vane.
  6. The TPS has a switch at both ends but only one toggle to rotate....so if you adjust for the the idle enrichment to drop out earlier, you also cause the WOT enrichment to come in earlier, they both are affected..... you really need an independent adjustment for each of the two switches. It can be fabricated.
  7. I was initially thinking of these:
  8. Lots of photos here but I can't find it @Namerow Beautiful work!
  9. A smaller hose could then attach to the nipple. But it surely would clog easily with leaves and needles washing through it.
  10. Ed, the only 3 drains I know are: Cowl to Fender Radio Antenna AC Perhaps the hose side was clamped to the cowl drain?
  11. @zKars Talk to Jim about 380z.
  12. Here is a very useful graph: Measurement: Same Car Red O2 measurement at manifold Blue O2 measurement at exhaust pipe. Findings: Both read the same value for steady state. Dilution reduces resolution of transients at exhaust pipe.
  13. WOW Nice light wood colour! Love it!
  14. Very industrial and not so good. Strange looking and influenced by the unusual guitars from Japan in the 60's. I have a few of the Japanese guitars and like them a lot.
  15. I'm actually thinking about buying a Soviet guitar. The seller has lots of very bad playing demos on his web page. I thought this one was up to SNMT standards.
  16. You can easily pick on the Merc crowd... yes are I6 are circumstantially traceable to the M180 engine: https://germancarforum.com/threads/datsun-240z-lineage-points-to-m180-engine.58222/ https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/59140-guess-what-these-are-and-from-what-engine/#comments
  17. I made a couple of faux 70's style posters for a friend.
  18. left side gets more water and salt spray over the years.
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