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  1. A smaller hose could then attach to the nipple. But it surely would clog easily with leaves and needles washing through it.
  2. Ed, the only 3 drains I know are: Cowl to Fender Radio Antenna AC Perhaps the hose side was clamped to the cowl drain?
  3. @zKars Talk to Jim about 380z.
  4. Here is a very useful graph: Measurement: Same Car Red O2 measurement at manifold Blue O2 measurement at exhaust pipe. Findings: Both read the same value for steady state. Dilution reduces resolution of transients at exhaust pipe.
  5. WOW Nice light wood colour! Love it!
  6. Very industrial and not so good. Strange looking and influenced by the unusual guitars from Japan in the 60's. I have a few of the Japanese guitars and like them a lot.
  7. I'm actually thinking about buying a Soviet guitar. The seller has lots of very bad playing demos on his web page. I thought this one was up to SNMT standards.
  8. You can easily pick on the Merc crowd... yes are I6 are circumstantially traceable to the M180 engine: https://germancarforum.com/threads/datsun-240z-lineage-points-to-m180-engine.58222/ https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/59140-guess-what-these-are-and-from-what-engine/#comments
  9. I made a couple of faux 70's style posters for a friend.
  10. left side gets more water and salt spray over the years.
  11. This should be in the boobs thread.
  12. Registered in the Bahamas.
  13. I like your taste in clock faces 🙂 Video reminds me of:
  14. Cool Info. Here is another Euro car with the same rear bumper lights and spoiler. Hubcaps indicate >1971 @siteunseen's friend.
  15. I believe @26th-Z posted the cool French version once. It makes sense not to have white lights facing backwards as there is a risk (very small) that another driver could perceive it has two headlights from a car much further away.
  16. There are at least 2 styles of fender (wing) mirrors. A rectangular one seems common in Australia yet a rounder one in Japan: And the triple mirror mystery (3 types):
  17. Autovise No4 1971 (Feb?) Dutch auto magazine. More fender blinkers This seems to be same car as in the PEP magazine above.
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